Anger of Stick for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

Anger of stick is a game developed to be played on mobile platforms. It is developed to be played on Android and some other mobile operating systems as well. The game resembles more like a doodle runner as the main character of the game is a doodle. Although the game is completely different from that of a doodle runner, owing to its Gameplay not following the legacy of previously developed such kind of game. The game has an extravagant play line that will surely make you unavailable for the real world for hours and days. The game is not officially available for windows or any other such operating system that would power your desktops and laptops. Well, here we are to present you a solution to this issue. Before going on with the process of downloading and installing Anger of Stick for PC, you must first know about the game.

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Gameplay and Timeline:

Anger of Stick is a well built game when talking about fighter games, as the game will eventually indulge you into a mortal combat and violent runs. The main aim is the game is to survive along with the farthest run i.e. this game can be considered as a mixed game of fighting and endless runner categories. This feature makes it a treat to play. The game ends when you are hauled by the opponents till HP is exhausted.

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Powers and Combats:

Talking about the powers of the game there are huge built up powers. These powers will costs you credit. Credits! Yeah these are the same that will be accounted in your score when you kill an enemy. For every torn down flesh of your enemies you will get only one credit. This seems quite un-thoughtfull as you will soon find it a long time process to collect tons of credits. Anyways, powers can be as simple as a sword to as powerful as a rocket launcher. These include everything including simple gun, shotgun, AK 47, machine gun and so on.

Modes to Play:

There are only two modes to play this game, one being the combat mode and other is running mode. Running mode is further subdivide, which lets to run vertically or horizontally. Running can be considered as a bonus mode, as you can use this mode to collect tons of credits.

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How to Play Anger of Stick on PC?

Anger of Stick for PC is not officially available as it is a mobile game. However if you are getting much eager to get this game on your desktop or laptop, then it is possible. For this we can make use of an emulator application. As the game is available on android OS, thus we will make use of android emulator, ‘Bluestacks’. To play Anger of Stick on your PC using this emulator you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Download Bluestacks for your PC using the link here. Thereafter install the same on your PC.
  • Search for ‘Anger of Stick’ using the app search option in the Bluestacks.
  • Once found download and install the game on your PC.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.

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You have now successfully installed Anger of Stick on your PC. To start playing this game on your PC, just open the game using the Bluestacks app list

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