Angry Birds Space for Mac

Angry Birds Space is a fifth instalment in the famous Angry Birds video game series, which is developed by Rovio Entertainment. New Angry Birds Space is a puzzle game based on physics. The game is launched for two mobile platforms- Android and iOS. The game plot remains same like any other Angry Birds game, in which their enemies pig had stolen their egg, and are hiding it in stone and wooden structures. In order to save their egg, Angry Bird destroy structure by projecting birds on them. But, in new Angry Birds Space all these projecting of birds and destroying structure will be taking place in outer space.


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In new Angry Birds Space, a giant claw kidnaps the eggs of birds; the birds chase the claw into a wormhole and find themselves in a strange new galaxy, floating and surrounded by space pigs. Angry Birds has got the special power of their own.

Angry Birds Space is not same and flat as any other Angry Birds games; it offers many new planets and each planet has its own gravitational pull, which will affect projection and trajectory of birds. Angry Birds Space has got all new aiming system, which makes easier for you to aim at your pig enemies. Some of the pigs are floating in a bubble, and you will be aiming them so that you can break their bubbles and smash them on the ground. Angry Birds Space include 170 interstellar levels, split into two zones called Cold Cuts and Pig Bang. There are 30 additional level called danger zone, and all levels are on a different planet with zero gravity. It also features slow-motion puzzles, light speed destruction, and new characters with super powers.

It uses simple swipe and tap controls with the same character having a minor change, which is the cosmetic upgrade of birds having a colourful space outfits. All birds have some new and unique ability; the yellow bird which used to dash forward, will go on specific location in Angry birds space. But, now you can even change its trajectory. Bomb birds focuses on pushing things, and not on destroying them. That is all new ice bird freeze everything coming inside its blast radius. Some additional changes made in new Angry Birds Space comes with an in-app purchase. The Game also includes many new level packs, which you can buy by paying a few bucks.

Graphics of the game are improved and are amazingly good. The shooting mechanism used in new Angry Birds Space makes it more interesting. The trajectory of a bird gets affected by a gravitational pull of planet, and you need to aim your bird very accurately to play with more fun.

How to download Angry Birds Space on MAC?


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You can now enjoy Angry Birds Space on your MAC by using Bluestacks android emulator. Download Bluestacks emulator from our website and install it. Once your Bluestacks completely gets downloaded and installed, search for Angry Birds Space and download it. Now you are ready to enjoy Angry Birds Space on your MAC

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