Angry Birds Space for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

Angry Birds is by far the most successful series of game, considering all mobile platforms. There are many variants of the game such as Angry Birds Season, Angry Birds, and many others. The Gameplay is although the same in all of these games, but still they have managed to hold a popular position around all the mobile operating system’s app market. Angry Birds Space is also a game of the same series. This game is a bit different from all of those previously developed angry birds’ games. Here a unique concept of gravity is added to the game. The game remains the same though.


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Game plot of Angry Birds Space remains the same as this game is just a sequel to the previously developed game. The pigs and birds have now arrived in space and will continue their fight here too. The game is highly affected by the physics and those of the laws of gravity and planetary motion. You will soon see yourself aiming at the pigs on some other planet or the same. The game becomes quite interesting when you actual gets overwhelmed by the game physics.


Main objective in the game is to shoot down all the pigs that come up in the specific stages. Talking about the stages, there are many that are enough to make you busy for days. Initially you start off on a single planet with the same center of gravity and a single pig. Well, this was only to make you aware of the game physics and also to make you a bit comfortable with the game. This will end soon and you will be fallen aback to some really harder levels. However, I bet, due to addictiveness of this game, you will surely find a way to cross them, some day!

Angry Birds Space for PC

Angry Birds Space is a game developed for touch based Smartphone OS such as Android, Windows Phones and iOS. It has not been made available for windows or any other such operating system for your PC. Still, you can make it to run on your PC. This can be easily done by using an emulator application. An emulator will allow the package of android, windows phone or iOS to install on windows. These emulators are OS specific and are available according to the base mobile OS.


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For Windows Phones and iOS, there are not any specific emulator applications available. For android there are many emulators available. Some of the android emulators are Bluestacks, Youwave and Andy. Here we will be using Bluestacks to run Angry Birds Space on PC. We can also use some other alternatives too, but Bluestacks is the most effective and prevalently used android emulator.

Installing and Running Angry Birds Space For PC

Bluestacks can be used to install and run Angry Birds Space For PC. To make sure that the process worked fine and the game will run, you will need to follow the instructions as below:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Open installed Bluestacks and search for ‘Angry Birds Space’.
  3. Download and install the game using the link found in the above step.
  4. Open the game using the Bluestacks app list and start enjoying the game.


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Please do notice that you will require a working internet connection to be able to search and download this game from the internet. Alternatively you can also consider using a backup of the game or an APK file. Using both is simple, as you just need to get the apk file and open it using the bluestack’s apk file handler.

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