Badland for MAC

Badland is a new addiction in the Smartphone games. All users whether hard core gamers or just a passerby is loving this game, all owing to its extremely unique gameplay and graphics. The game was developed by Frogmind and release for iOS in 2003. The app store was crowded with the Badland download with its initial release, later the game was also awarded as iPad Game of the year by Apple INC. You can now also play this game on your Android or Windows Mobile OS based Smartphone.


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Game Story:

Badland is set off in a mysterious forest which at first resembles to a green forest with all the natural artifacts, plants, trees and animals. Although, soon something abruptly kill almost everything in the forest. The whole forest turns to a dead place with some unknown creature residing everywhere in the dead forest. On further examining you will find that these are the same creatures previously residing on the forest; they have now converted to some unknown species including you. Soon, you will find yourself one of them with a round shape and coloured black. The only reason for this is a mysterious machine which when started up kills all the living species present in the forest.


Badland is a side-scrolling game that is you will have a side view of the game, similar to what you might have seen in the games like Hill Climb Racing and Angry Birds. Gameplay is quite similar to endless runner games as you will actually be running down the path; with some added twists. Initially you will be introduced a bit about the game as already illustrated in the above story; also you will know what you are required to do in the game. Well, it is quite simple to play this game as there is only one control that is a screen tap. This tap will eventually move your character upwards and forward simultaneously. You are only required to avoid you character from being striking to the obstacles. When you strike any of the obstacle game will end and you will need to start all over again. Knowing the obstacles is not a cumbersome task, as you just need to keep in mind that every other element except the path or the track is an obstacle, so avoid hitting to other surface specially which are sharp.


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Apart from this, there are some special power-ups present in the game that will create your clones or give you a protective shield or something more spectacular. There are around 80 levels in the game that you need to complete in order to finish the game successfully.

How to Play Badland on MAC?

Badland can be simply played on MAC using an android emulator for MAC; Bluestack is one of the best android emulator. To use it to play this game on MAC just follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install Bluestack on your MAC. Follow here to get Bluestack on MAC.
  2. Open the emulator installed on your MAC based system and have a look for Search bar.
  3. Now make a search for ‘Badland’.
  4. A list will now appear, click on the official link and the game will start downloading.
  5. Wait for a few minutes till it downloads and installs itself.
  6. Once done, You can now start playing this game on your MAC.

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