Be The Glamorous Fighter With WWE Immortals For Mac

Fighting and combatting games never went out of the gaming market. As you bustle yourself fighting against your opponents, you can easily get the feel of a true winner. WWE Immortals takes a special place in this genre of wrestling and fighting genre of games.


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What Does WWE Immortals Offer?

WWE Immortals, developed by NetherRealm Studios along with Phosphor Game Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is one superbly fantastic fighting game that actually takes the professional wrestling as its initial base. It has been lately released on 15th January, 2015, of course for iOS devices, along with Android devices as well, since Android is seriously quite popular. It features the much hailed WWE superstars. The game also takes some slight ideas from Injustice: Gods Among Us, but the former offers a different level of interest, which can be seriously quite unmatched.

WWE Immortals lets you traverse to an imaginary supernatural world where you are the master of your own collection of superstars. The spectacular signature moves along with the support cards let you supercharge your roaster. You can also experience wield devastating powers that let you crush the respective adversaries. The bone crunching battles bring back the real agony of the fighters.

Feel the Fighting Spirit:

Unlike the traditional games, WWE Immortals lets you use the touch mechanics of your respective device. You can not only continue the combat by simply tapping and swiping but can also manufacture some more essential, or rather sometime needed energy, for drawing off unique and unexpected assaults. For making WWE Immortals more glamorous, the game includes classic superstars like:

  1. John Cena,
  2. The Undertaker,
  3. Hulk Hogan,
  4. The Bella Twins,
  5. Triple H

and many more. Each and every superstar features some special and unique variations, thereby showcasing special powers and of course some moves.

Of course WWE Immortals comprises of different levels. As you keep winning, you can easily level up and complete your move set. Of course you can also upgrade your respective characters for overcoming your rivals. You can always develop your program to fit your style of play and put your best Immortals forward, as you tackle a progression of warriors.

You can also tackle genuine rivals in online battles and contend with players far and wide in live, in-amusement occasions fixing to the WWE and procure amazing prizes. Watch replays of your past matches to sharpen your ability and impeccable your lineup.

WWE Immortals also conveys best-in-class illustrations on your respective device, along with custom liveliness for each and every present WWE Superstar. Participate in fight crosswise over numerous planets, only to get more enthralled, all of which have been customized for each Superstar’s modify inner self and have been completely rendered in 3D.


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Fighting on your Mac

WWE Immortals is an easy grab in the iOS as well as Android devices; but can be quite tedious to get on your Mac. So Bluestacks is here for saving you from this typical dilemma. Just follow these steps:

  • First get Bluestacks downloaded as well installed on your own Mac. Download here.
  • Now open it and look for WWE Immortals over the already in-built search bar.
  • As you get the game, simply hit to download the same.
  • Now let the game get itself installed on your Mac.

Once done, start fighting!

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