Call of Duty Ghosts Free Download For Windows

Call of Duty Ghosts is one of the game of famous COD series. This installment of the game was released in 2013, though it is not the latest of the series; still holds a good position in the market. COD: Ghosts is a first person shooting game developed by Infinity ward along with Raven Software. It was published by Activision for a number of gaming consoles including PS3, Xbox 360, Wii u and Windows too. In 2014 it was also made available for the next gen gaming consoles including Play Station 4 and Xbox one.


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Game is set off in 2017 which proceeds swiftly, firstly in a flash back. Soon the main protagonist is thrown behind the enemies to face several rescue and fighting missions.

Story and Timeline:

Call Of Duty Ghosts starts in 2017, Elias Walker a retired US Army captain is all set to tell his sons tales of this bravery and so about the GHOSTS. Ghosts is a special military force, specifically a US force responsible to operate special missions. Meanwhile, Walker is reported of a hijack of Space station by the allied forces. This space station consist of a super weapon ODIN, using which several cities were already destroyed and several others were facing the threat of being vanished. Astronauts at the space station sacrifices their lives and turn the auto destruct on to save several lives.

Few years later, main antagonist ‘Gabriel Rorke’ comes to action. During an invasive war behind the frontline; Elias walker who is the in charge of the mission along with his two sons spots ‘Rorke’. Soon thereafter they succeeds to capture him, however on their way to main base they are attacked by rorke’s men’s and rescues him. Along with this timeline various missions and objective will be placed making game quite difficult and complex.

Gameplay and Modes:

Gameplay is quite fast paced, as all other COD games are. You need to be quick enough with your controller to be alive and pass the missions. Gameplay is cleverly divided in four modes viz Campaign, Multiplayer, Competitive and Squads. Each of these modes have their own set of rules and are developed by separate developers, for instance multiplayer mode was developed by raven Software.


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Multiplayer mode includes various missions with the main storyline the only difference is that the screen will be split into two parts in case you are playing on the same consoles; however this problem is solved when playing on LAN. Campaign mode includes the same mission, here you are the only human who has got brains and every other unit you see will be CPU. Squad mode is purely online play quite similar to counter strike, as you will be given a squad to kill the opponents. Competitive mode is similar to squad with a minute difference that you are the only member of your unit and so will be the opponent.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Intel’s Core 2 Duo with 2.66 GHz clocking speed or equivalent AMD processor.
  2. At least 6GB RAM.
  3. Windows 7/8 64 Bit only.
  4. Nvidia GeForce 450 or Radeon HD 5870 or greater.
  5. 40 GB free disk space.
  6. DirectX11 and compatible devices.

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