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We all have heard of the joke “why did the chicken cross the road?” Taking a cue from the joke Indie Company Hipster Whale joined hands with developers such as Andy Su, Matt Hall as well as Ben Weatherall to develop the game which has the title of “Crossy Road”.

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Gist of the Game!

The game follows a very simple rule and that is to travel as far as possible and overcome obstacles such as roads, flowing rivers and also train tracks without perishing. You as a player are a mascot in the form of various characters that you can choose from. You can choose to be a chicken, a koala or even a dragon for that matter. You simply have to keep tapping or swipe in the respective direction to go further. Not just that, there are in fact secret characters as well in the game that can be unlocked by you as you progress.  Make sure you collect gold coins and red C’s throughout the game as they can be used to unlock several other things.

Coins- The Lifeline of the Game!

As said before, the coins are extremely important and they do play a vital role in the game. There are the in-game currency and their main and the only use is to encash them to buy the mascots of your choice. These can be collected all throughout the game in various forms. Extreme enthusiasts can also use real money to avail gold coins. At any one go you can use 100 coins to have a shot at unlocking a new mascot through the lottery machine.

Something to Look Forward to:

A striking feature of the coins is the Piggy Bank mascot. If at any point of time you happen to unlock or chance upon this useful feature, your red coins that would be worth 5 coins, would be simply added to your account and coins earned through gifts shall be doubled. Whoa, that’s called awesome! Not just that, through extreme efforts you can manage to develop a piggy bank mascot, then only to make it better blue coins shall be further added and these are worth 3X than the conventional regular coins. So develop the piggy bank mascot!

Downloading and Unlocking Mystery Through Crossy Road:

With technology fastly growing, the games available on the phone are also being developed to be used on desktops. Mac users who would love to travel with Crossy Road can go through the below listed steps, for enjoying this superbly built game.

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  • The very first thing in order to play Crossy Road on Mac is to download Bluestacks.
  • The installation does not take long and it is actually very easy.
  • There are 2 ways to play Crossy Road on your Macintosh; you can either download the game from Google Play Store or you can also make use of Bluestacks search bar and simply search for “Crossy Road” which will download game directly on to your system.
  • Follow the instructions, thus appearing, in order to have a successful installation of the game.
  • Click to play and start moving!

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