CSR Racing for Mac: A Game That Gamers Can’t Miss On

Natural Motion Games and Boss Alien launched a game called CSR Racing. It is a free play game, where the racer who has to make a name in a city that is itself quite deserted and barren and is ruled by 5 racing crew. The game was released in 2004 in the month of June by Apple and since then, the game has only received applauses from different gamers.

CSR Racing for Mac

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Jostle yourself with CSR

How interesting the game can be realized by seeing the profit that the game had received in just a month after its launch. Over $12 million was earned which helped the game to be rated as one of the top 10 games of 2012. Most of the gamers have agreed on the fact that CSR Racing is definitely one of the most interesting games they have ever played. The pattern of the game is very interesting.

Players play alone and the component is divided into 5 tiers. As the player goes on advancing the next level, the vehicles or the opposition gets faster and competitive. For the player to enter into a new tier he or she must beat the boss of the crew of that tier. After beating up the boss a high stake re match also appears. When the player wins the race, as an award he or she gets the car of the boss of that level. But when the player loses, he will be relieved of the gold that he has won in the levels past. There are no steering, braking, or accelerator control system in the game as the designers of this game found these features too basic. The game mainly focuses on the timing gear changes and the nitrous upgrade which is done by tapping the screen. Depending on the event that is chosen by the player the distance of race is given to them.

 Not only this there are other race modes available in the game which includes ‘Daily Battle’ where a player is supposed to drive a car randomly for a single car and there is ‘Restriction Races’  where the player has to abide by certain rules to get the money. The amount starts from $500 along with perfect shifts, good start and higher tier. You can also increase the money. Interestingly, the last three races are supposed to be quarter final, then following which it would be semi finals and finally the ultimate showdown with the final.

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Playing the thrill on Mac

CSR Racing for Mac1

The game is simply great when played on Mac. The game can be easily made available for the same only by using Bluestack. Only a few simple steps are needed which need to follow to get Bluestack and use it to play the game.

-First, you’ve got to download the Bluestack using an offline downloader.

-Then open the installed emulator and keep searching for ‘CSR Racing’. The search feature of Bluestack has to be used for this feature.

-Once found the game has to be downloaded.

-And then wait for the installation. The end result is that you will have this wonderful game n your Mac or PC.


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