Cut the Rope for MAC

Cut the rope is a famous puzzle game series, which is completely based on the rules of physics. Game was developed initially for iOS but later it was introduced in android with its increasing popularity. Game is very popular and fun game, which is easy to play. If you are admirer of puzzle game then you are going to love it and you must try it. Game was developed by ZeptoLab a Russian entertainment company. Till date company has developed 7 Cut the rope version. The only objective of game is to collect stars and feed candy at the same time to green little creature named Om Nom. By 2015 Cut the rope is downloaded over 650 million times by user all around the world.
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Cut the rope offers many different levels to its use, but its concept and objective remain same for every level. Objective of game is to collect stars while feeding candy to green creature named Om Nom. Game uses physics concept for cutting rope at right moment in order to feed Om Nom. In every level of game candy is hanging by more than one ropes, which you will be cutting with swipe mechanism of touchscreen using your fingers in order to feed Om Nom. As you will move further difficulty of levels will also increase and you will be facing new challenges which makes game more interesting.

You can use various objects for manipulating candy around various obstacles and feed Om Nom, object you can use in games are bellows and floating bubbles. Game has many boxes and each box include a number of levels. Each level is scored from 0 to 3 stars rating. Score depends on stars collected by you and time taken by you to complete task of feeding Om Nom and collecting stars. Total of 17 boxes with each boxes containing 25 levels make game more addictive for its users. Game has option of in-app purchase, where you can buy special item and superpowers like’s hints and magnet for making your game experience smooth and easier.


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Graphics and controls

Game uses simple swipe mechanism of touchscreen, where you cut rope with help of your figure by simply swiping it. Graphics of game are simple but fun, you can hear voice of little green creature Om Nom.

How to download cut the Rope in your precious MAC

Game was developed by ZeptoLab for iOS initially, later they release it for Android platform, but you can enjoy most amazing puzzle game cut the ropes in your beloved MAC. You have to download android emulator for enjoying cut the rope. You can download various emulators available all over the internet, but we suggest you to use Bluestacks. You can download Bluestacks simply from our website. Download and install it. Once it is downloaded and completely installed, you can open it and search for cut the rope. Now download and install cut the rope on your MAC. After successfully downloading and installing it, you are ready to enjoy cut the rope on your MAC.

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