Despicable Me: Minion Rush for PC

If you are tired of playing Temple Run and it’s so called successors, then here is another endless runner game ‘Despicable Me’. The game has nothing to do with the name it has been awarded, in reality the game is after the movie ‘Despicable Me’. The game only took a single character of the movie, ‘The Minions’ as you can already see them. This also implies that in case you haven’t watched the movie yet then you not need to.


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The game features the minions as the runner which runs as quite good speed as compared to their size though. The game setoffs in the city with a huge number of obstacles and blockers. As always you will need to avoid hitting such things. At the first run you will be given a brief intro about the game and I bet you will surely skip it. Anyways it doesn’t matter in this smart age. The game is quite similar to subway surfers as it too has 3 lanes to run in. You have to move to the either of the lane and make you run as long as possible. There are coins that you will need to collect through throughout the game. Such coins can even make you alive along with having to buy some upgrades and unlockables.

How to Download and install Despicable Me for PC?

Despicable me is a game developed to be played on mobile devices having operating system either iOS or Android. The game is not even available on all leading mobile platforms, so is the case with Microsoft Windows or Linux that powers your computers and laptops. Still, if you are impressed much with the game sequences and play offs that you can make it available on your PC following the instructions here.


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To play despicable me on your PC, you will be required to make the installation package of the game compatible with the OS you are using. This might at first sound a bit tetchy, although it is not. It is quite simple to get all of the stuff to work, as it just takes an application. Yeah! We will making use of an application, specifically emulator to install despicable me on PC.

As the game is available on iOS and android, we might consider the emulators for both of the OS. However it might lead to confusion, so it’s better to have single and most convenient option. Bluestacks is the most recommended android emulator and will not worth you even a single penny. To use Bluestacks to install despicable me for pc just follow the simple steps as below:

  • Download Bluestacks for your PC, using the offline downloader and then install the same on your PC.
  • Now, open the installed application and search for ’Despicable Me: Minion Rush” using the link so found.
  • Download the game using the link provided and wait till the installation completes.
  • When the game has been installed on your PC, you will be notified by a taskbar notification.
  • f52f7__Despicable-Me-Screenshot

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You can now start playing the game by opening it from the installed app list.

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