Doodle Jump for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

Doodle jump was initially developed for iOS, and when launched, it became very popular and so topped the charts of the app store. With the popularizing of Android, the game was pushed for this section also. Nevertheless the game soon spread its fins across the Google Play Store charts and became most popular game of all time. It is available for Android and iOS now, however, it is not available for desktops and laptops though. However, it can be made to run on those too, using an unofficial way.

But wait! Before we do that, we must first know about the game and its features.


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Doodle Jump is a simple low graphics game, which is quite addictive. It has a simple Gameplay without any brain washing plot and storyline. The game involves you in jumping around the screen on the platforms. The main objective is yet unknown as the game is a kind of endless runner and will end in a specific manner. The game features a doodle as your character in the game. Doodle will be jumping automatically, and you just need to direct the jumping direction in order to land it safely on the upper platforms. There will be certain obstacles in the form of animal that you will need to avoid striking to. Game ends when you jump off the platform down to nowhere, also when you strike certain obstacles.


The specialty of the game lies in its special powers which will be provided in the game. These powers are found on the platforms, there are various exciting things included such as powerups including jetpack, shields, etc. The main objective remains to make the farthest run possible, specifically the number of platforms you cross.

How to Get Doodle jump For PC?

Doodle Jump is a game developed for mobile platforms including Android and iOS. It has not been officially made available for Windows or any other such operating system. However, if you are getting eager enough to get it for your PC then here is a way to download and install Doodle Jump for PC. This can be made possible using an emulator application for windows. We can use either iOS emulator or an Android emulator.


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Android emulator can be easily deployed to use, one such Android emulator is Bluestacks. To use Bluestacks to run Doodle jump on PC you will need to follow the instructions as:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Search for ‘Doodle jump’ using the Bluestacks app search option.
  3. When founded, download and install the game on your PC.
  4. Installation is successful!!


You can now enjoy this amazing game on your PC, just open Doodle jump using the Bluestacks as it can now be seen in the app list. Before actuating on the process, make sure you are connected to internet as working internet connectivity will be required to download the game for the online app markets.

In case you get stuck at somewhere in the procedure in getting Doodle Jump for PC, drop your comments below!

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