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Bluestack is an Android emulator available for Microsoft Windows and MAC OS. This emulator was developed by some silicon-valley based company; the development of the software was started in around 2009 which was the starting of the company by Rosen Sharma. The official demonstration of an application of such a kind was made in May 25, 2011 at a conference in San Francisco. The official release of the first ever Bluestacks App was made in October 2011. The package contained two components Bluestack App Player and Cloud Connect. App player was mainly the emulator part which contained all the mechanism of running Android games and application on to computers, while Cloud connect was used for synchronization of the same application on the servers.


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Utility Of Bluestack:

Bluestack was developed on the mere utility of providing users an Android environment on their PC’s. Initially when it was rolled out in the market there were not as such quantity of android devices; also the devices were out of reach of the mango people due to their pricing structure. Although, every user wished to have an Android device and experience its awesomeness. Bluestack gave them a better way to experience all of the Android apps and games without buying an Android device and spending even a penny.

Bluestack when initially launched operated on Android Gingerbread v2.3.2 OS. The latest version of the emulator is working on Jelly Bean; also a new update is yet to arrive featuring Kitkat v4.4 as the base AOSP. This could be the utility, as every device is not upgradable to newer Android versions. Outdated Android versions do not have compatibility with the new games and apps, in such a case Bluestacks could be a great way to experience all those amazing apps and games.

When talking about the device, there are two broad categories, i.e., high end and low end. High end devices do not have issues like insufficient space, low RAM, ROM, etc., however, low end devices struggle in all the described terms. Low end devices are the cheap Android phones that are built with low hardware configurations. Small RAM, insufficient ROM, Lagging GPU and Processor are that this device possesses; such phones are incompatible with most games and apps. Bluestacks can be used in such case as here your computers RAM, Processor and GPU will be used overruling all the above described problems.


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Lastly this emulator can also be used in testing purposes by the Android developers. The app developers are also looking out for this Android emulator to test their Android apps and games on a platform other than the Android SDK and eclipse. There are many other Android emulators present in the market namely Andy, ManyMo, GenyMotion, Youwave etc. Each will offer a different user experience and is dependent of the utility of usage. For home use and smooth experience, Bluestack is considered the best. As Bluestack is free software you can download it using this link and install the same on your Mac based computers.

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