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Almost three years ago, Supercell developed its legendary strategy game clash of clans, which is still ruling as most played game in iOS and android platform. There was a time when casino games were famous all around the world, but strategic games like clash of clans changed it all. Clash of clans is online strategy Multi-player game, which is being played by over 100 million users. The game was initially launched by Supercell for iOS, but later it was released for Android and windows platform also.

Clash of clans for PC

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Clash of clans is a strategic online game, where a user will build its own community and train troops in it. These troops will be used for attacking another user’s community for earning gold, elixir, and dark elixir. Gold and elixir earned by attacking different users is used for building defences that will help a user to protect its community from an attack by different users. While an elixir is used for training and upgrading troop. Clash of clans also has the different campaign for a single player in which user can attack goblin villages for gold and elixir.

Clash of clans has different types of troops, this troop is divided into various categories like troop-1, troop-2, troop-3, dark elixir army and heroes. Troop-1 has goblins, barbarians, and archer, which have moderate health and speed but take less time for recovery, also occupies less house space. Troop-2 consist of wizards, giants, balloons and wall breakers, all this occupies more house space then troop-1, but are stronger, faster and have better health, time required for recovery by troop-2 is comparatively higher than troop-1. Troop three consist of pekkas, healers and dragons, the occupancy of all three is much higher and take more time than any other troop to recover, but are more efficient and stronger. Healer is the only troop in the game, which have an ability to heal its friendly troop. Dark elixir collected by attacking others community is used to upgrade dark elixir troops consist of lava hounds, minions, witches, golems, and Valkyries. This troops are strongest and take much time to recover and occupy more house spacing although minions require less time to recover and don’t occupy much house space. The Game has two immortal heroes archer queen and barbarian king, they can be updated with the dark elixir.

Update version of clash of clans has 8 spells, which are created by elixir in spell factory and are used as an offense. Spells produced in spell factory are heal, rage, lightning, haste, poison, earthquake, jump and freeze. All spell are different properties and one can use 5 spells in one communal attack. There are different upgradable buildings in a game used for the different purposes like storage of gold and elixir, there will be various kind of defensive buildings like Canon, bombs and archer towers. Beside this, walls can be built and upgraded around player’s community.

How to download this game on PC

Clash of clans for PC

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Clash of clans is widely appreciated and played all over world, game has rich graphics and sounds, which make it more interesting. The Game is for an android and iOS platform, but people can also enjoy it now on their PC. One can use an android emulator to download clash of clans in their respective PC. Many kinds of emulators are available in a market, but Bluestacks is considered the best, you can download Bluestacks directly from here! Download it and install it. Once it is installed, search for the clash of clans and download it. Once done, now you are ready to play your favorite strategy game on your PC.

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