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Crazy UFO is a simple endless runner game, specifically a variant of Flappy Bird. The game is much similar to that of Flappy, though with some variations in the interface and the characters. There are plenty of Flappy bird clones available in the market, however, this game is quite good. The USP of the game can be considered in its background, giving it a spacey look. This seems quite cool and attractive, actually much more than you might have already seen in the original game. The obstacles and the gameplay remains the same. The character is changed and made a UFO as the name of the game suggests in itself.


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The main objective in the game is to make as farthest run as possible without hitting the obstacles. The obstacles are exactly what you have already seen in Flappy bird, although instead of pipes, there are asteroids, which are arranged, in a similar fashion. The only control that the game possesses is the tapping on the screen. This tapping makes the UFO move up. More you tap, the higher it will go.


The game becomes a bit difficult when you go farther in the game. Also, there are times when you might be confused between the background and the real objects. This is experienced owing to its spacey background and not much isolation between the graphics of real and background entities.

How to Play Crazy UFO On PC?

Crazy UFO is a game developed for mobile operating systems. It is available for many mobile operating systems, such as Android and Windows Phones. It is not yet officially available to be played on windows or any other operating system based PC. However, if you have too much eager to play this game on your PC then it is possible. For this we can make use of some emulator applications. Such are the applications that allow an android or a windows mobile app to be installed on a PC. For Windows Phone OS, there are no such emulators available. For android there are some android emulators available, which we will be using.


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Crazy UFO can be played on PC using an android emulator. There are many android emulators available in the market; some of them are Andy, Bluestacks and Youwave. Among all of these Bluestacks is the most recommended emulator. So, we will be using Bluestacks to install Crazy UFO for PC. To do so you have to follow some steps as listed below:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Crazy UFO’ using the market app available in the Bluestacks.
  3. After Crazy UFO is found, download and install it using Bluestacks.
  4. You’re now done. Open the installed game!

Please do note that you need to have your PC connected to Internet, as a working Internet connection will be required to download the game online. You can also opt to install the game using backup apk file of the game.

Crazy UFO when played on PC will be the same although you might have to know about the controls. In case you have a simple device without touch screen, you will need a mouse to tap and make the desired action. However for touch devices, it is as simple as playing on android device itself.

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