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Flappy bird is an Android game which was gone viral when launched initially. However, firstly it was launched for iOS, later with the game gaining buzz in the social networks and among other platforms; it was released for Android operating system too. It is a free game with simple game play and controls and mark our words, as you will go on playing it, you’ll be addicted too Flappy Bird.


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Why to Play on PC?

Flappy Bird is a very popular game which topped the charts of Google Play Store when it was launched. The craze was so much that every other Android user got addicted to this awesome game, just like we all were for Angry Birds. Well, if you are already too much addicted to the game, you can give a better shot playing it on the big screen of your PC. Playing this game on a bigger screen enhances the experience of the game with better graphics; bigger area, quality textures, ability to get minute details of the game and hell lot of added excitement.

Exited to play Flappy Bird, no?

Flappy Bird at a Glance!

Excited to try your hands on amazing game Flappy Birds? Well, Flappy Bird is a simple 2D game, it does not have any complex controls and interfaces to handle. Instead, controls just include a simple tapping of the screen that moves your character upwards. If not tapped for a long time bird will fall down and you’ll be welcomed with “Game Over” screen. It requires great precision and accuracy to control definite movements of the bird. However, once you get the rhythm, you will be a master.


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Flappy Bird is a never ending game. Just play until your game is over and make a high score. There are trophies awarded after particular points are made such as 20, 40 … and so on. However, these trophies has nothing to do with the game, nor you can en-cash them to buy something. All it does is, it just denote a high score.

Installing Flappy Bird on PC

Flappy Bird is a 2D Android game with simple graphics and game modes. This game is not officially available for PC. However, it is still possible to play this game on Windows or mac PC. This can be achieved using Android Emulator “BlueStacks”. BlueStacks is an Android Emulator that allows installation of Android Apps on Windows PC. Installing Flappy Bird on PC using Emulator BlueStacks is a simple process and can be achieved using some simple steps as mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, Download Bluestacks for Windows or MAC as per your Operating System. You download it from here!
  2. Install Bluestacks on your computer.
  3. Now, search for Flappy Bird inside the BlueStacks and hit the “Install” button to install the game. Alternatively, if you already have the apk of the game, just open the apk using BlueStacks and you’ll be preceded to installation.
  4. After installation is successful, run the game and enjoy.

Quite easy, isn’t it? This game will run pretty well on Windows System or even Mac without any glitches or lags. Bluestacks supports installation of apk files directly from your PC too, and one advantage of this is that if you already have a backup of Flappy bird saved in your hard drive, you can install it to the Bluestacks without having to download it again.


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So, you’ve your Flappy Bird for PC and it’s the time to move your fingers to achieve high score! Do let us know your experience with Flappy Bird on big screen.

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