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Every smartphone whether it is an Android Phone or Windows or any other comes loaded with Wi-Fi, which is used for sharing of Internet or tethering. However, many people do not know that it can be used to transfer files between devices too. Keeping this in mind ‘Flash Transfer’ was developed, which allowed transfer of files between two Android devices via Wi-Fi, and the only requirement, is that both the devices are required to have Flash transfer installed on them.


This was all for Android devices, but what if you want to run this amazing app on your PC? Some may ask that why would they use it? Answer is quite simple … using flash transfer you can transfer files between your computers too using Wi-Fi. Yes, if your PC/Laptop is Wi-Fi enabled or if you’re using external Wi-Fi dongle, you can send and receive files using the same Wi-Fi connection.

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As you might already know that none of the Android apps can run on Windows on its own, something is required to act as an interface. We can make use of some Android emulators for windows to run Flash Transfer for PC. You can even run it on Mac using same emulator.

What you Need to Get Flash Transfer For PC?

Flash transfer for PC is not available officially. However, you can still enjoy this amazing app on your Windows PC. For this you are going to be in need of following stuff. Here is a list of all things that is going to be needed.

  1. BlueStacks: It is an emulator that lets you run android apps on windows or Mac. However, there are some other emulators too but I recommend using Bluestacks as it is very easy to use with clean interface and free too. You can download Bluestacks from here!
  2. Installing-Flash-Transfer-using-BlueStacks

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  3. APK of Flash Transfer: This is an optional requirement. It will be good if you already have apk of Flash transfer. In case you want to save some KB’s of data, otherwise you can download the game internally in BlueStacks.

That was all you are needed to gather to have Flash Transfer on Windows.

Flash Transfer for Windows

I guess till now you would have already been downloaded Bluestacks, if not download now and follow further steps:

  1. Install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. After installation is successful open Bluestacks.
  3. Make a search for Flash Transfer on 1Mobile Store or Google play Store.
  4. Once found, download it and install it.
  5. In case you have APK of Flash Transfer, you need not search it on the Stores. Just open the apk file using Bluestacks. It will be installed automatically.


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When Flash Transfer has been installed successfully, you will be getting a notification of the installation being successful. As soon as you get notified, open the Bluestacks and start experiencing this amazing app on your windows PC.

About Flash Transfer

Flash Transfer is a file sharing application, which uses a Wi-Fi hotspot to transfer media and other files from one device to another. It is an Android app and freely available in Google Play Store. Using flash Transfer is a very simple process, as its interface is very simple and all major functions are located on the main screen itself.

To get started open ‘Phone Interconnection’ option at the top of the screen, you will now see two options viz, ‘Create a group’ or ‘join That Group’. You can transfer and receive in both the cases. Choose join that group to join the network already created on other phone. However, if you haven’t yet created a group then choose create a group option. It might take some time to create a group and connect the two devices.

Once connected, you can transfer files using Wi-Fi connection. Applications supports to differentiate between files and categorize them as Apps, Games, Music or Videos and this helps user to instantly share files between devices. However, if you want to send any other type of files, there is an inbuilt file manager too to browse memory locations.

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