Download Gravity Guy for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

Today’s games are all about physics, specifically the Smartphone games. There are tons of games with so smart physics that you will be blown off. One such game is Gravity Guy. It is an endless runner type of game, although with some added twist that makes the game a treat to play. The game is two dimensional irrespective of the game such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers, although all of such games reside in the same category. You need to run to make your escape from the prison, and needless to mention that while running, several obstacles will be faced and different levels too. Gravity Guy is available on all leading mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Phones and iOS too.


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Game Plot

The world has come under the rule of George W. Bush … not the ex-president of America, but the evil character of the game. People are required to have their feet on the ground under gravity. Nobody is allowed to break the rules of Gravity. In the midst, one guy stands up against all odds and dares to break the rules of gravity. This is the plot described at the very starting of the game, which is a unique plot in itself. The brief introduction also depicts about some special powers like laser, which you will not be able to find easily. The escape starts from the prison where the prison is broken by a laser.



Main objective of the game is to make farthest run as possible, although there are around 30 levels in the game. However, these levels are more like checkpoints. During the run, there will be various obstacles that you will be facing. To avoid these obstacles you need to jump, here is the twist which will justify the name of the game. When an obstacle approaches touching anywhere on the screen will change the center of gravity for the character. Touching on the screen will flip your gravity and your character will be running on the ceiling and so forth.

Interesting, isn’t it?


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Hitting too many obstacles will lead the trooper’s catch you, which will end the game then restart from last checkpoint. There are collectable coins which might be used to buy upgrades and other characters too. Talking about achievements they are the same which you might have already seen in some other games too. Unlocking the achievements will earn coins and display further achievements to be unlocked.

How to Play on PC?

Gravity Guy is a mobile game available for Android and Windows Phones and it is not yet officially available for Windows based PC or any other operating system. However, Gravity Guy can still be enjoyed on PC, this can be done by using an emulator application. There are individual Emulators for every mobile operating system.


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So, to get Gravity Guy for PC, just follow some simple steps:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on PC.
  2. Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Gravity Guy’ using Google Play Store or 1Mobile Market available in the Bluestacks./li>
  3. Download and install ‘Gravity Guy’ using the link found above.
  4. Open the installed game using Bluestacks app list and start enjoying this spectacular game.


This process can also be adopted to play Gravity Guy on MAC based PC as Bluestacks is also available for MAC.

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