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IGI 1: I’m Going In is a first person shooting game, developed specifically to be played on Microsoft Windows based computers. The game is not available on any other gaming consoles such as Playstation or Xbox. IGI 1 was launched in around 2000 and was considered as most innovative game then as it contained new strategies and missions to be played. The most popular games of the era were Doom and some others of the same kind, which were quite rugged and hastily played. IGI 1 is portrayed with a whole new concept of shooting games, which contained more than just walls and the enemies. IGI 1 consisted of level set off in indoor and outdoor locations too including forests and enemy lines as well.


Game is quite similar to Call Of Duty series with respect to the game play, as both of them are first person shooting game. When comparing both the games, there are a lot of differences owing to the technological changes. The most important being the graphics which are the finest and intense in Call of Duty series. Talking more about the differences, it can be seen in the machinery/weapons and also in the Game plot.

Story and Plot:

IGI 1 I’m Going in is a shooter game that centres around finding a nuclear super weapon, which was previously stolen by some terrorist unit. The game plot is quite strong, although when comparing it with the games of today, the story might lag a millennium. Anyways, there resides a nuclear warhead built by the US government. ‘Ekk’ who is the main antagonist of the game has taken over the control of the nuclear weapon. US government now seeks to find a way back to the get the control.

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Jones has given up the responsibility to trace the path of the super weapon and capture it back. Jones along with his troop is now after ‘Ekk’ to get the weapon back. The first mission will be to find the current location of the warhead, which you will be able to find soon, as the game progresses. In the next mission you will be objected to invade military base of ‘Jach Priboi’s’. Jach Priboi’s is the secondary antagonist, who has some information regarding the war head. The successful completion of the mission will end up in capturing Jach and returning back to the military base to interrogate him.

On their way back to the base, Jones plane is attacked by ‘Ekk’. While they were on the Russian border, and Ekk succeeds in rescuing Jach from the Jones plane. Jones now has to knock them all and bring back the warhead back, which is the final mission of the game. The whole procedure takes place in two separate missions, first one will be to clear the Russian border without creating any disturbances between the peace of the two countries and the last one will be to knock out Ekk. In the end Jones will succeed bringing the nuclear weapon back.


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Minimum Requirement of the Game:

  1. CPU: At least Intel’s Pentium 2 processor, clocked at 400 MHz or equivalent CPU.
  2. RAM: At least 128 MB.
  3. GPU: Any GPU with at least 64 MB graphics memory.
  4. 2 GB free disk space.
  5. DirectX 9.

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