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IGI 3 game is shooting game developed to be played on Microsoft Windows. IGI is a constituent game of the famous IGI series, the series contains games namely IGI 1: I m Going In, IGI 2: Covert Strike and IGI 3: The Plan. IGI 3 is the latest addition in the series with some more new technologies and equipments. The whole series was developed by InnerLoop studio in association with Codemasters; actually Codemasters published the game under its name. The game was initially released to be played on computers having either Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. There were many new additions that were made in the game when talking about graphics, gameplay or the story line.

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Game Play:

Gameplay is quite similar to its previous game, as it is a first person shooting game. The story line seems to move further in the same hierarchy in conjunction with the previously developed games. The main protagonist remains to be the David Jones who works for this subdivision of the British special services, with all new missions and objectives. The game centres on taking out the primary antagonist, although initially you will have information of the primary antagonist and consider his mens as the main mastermind behind all of terrorist activities. There are several missions in the game that are surely going to blow your mind, especially if you are IGI lover than here is the most extreme game if the series.

Equipments and Technology:

IGI 2 was the last game of the series launched in around 2003, the game was considered as one of the greatest game in the history of shooting games. The graphics and the innovation in the game were considered as awesome too, but as of now with the release of much more advanced shooting games like Call of Duty all the eternity of IGI seems to be fading away. Keeping this in mind IGI 3 game has been developed with much more advanced graphics and controls as compared to that of its previous games. The game has all whether changing view modes or changing the ammunition, more essentially the mainframe of the game has been upgraded which makes the game more compelling to the gamers. Although, a true gamer does not seek such stuff, as they only indulges themselves to the real content that is the gameplay.

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System Requirements:

To play IGI 3 Game on your PC, consider following system requirements to have hardwired to your system. Do have a look at these requirements carefully as they will decide whether IGI 3 will run on your PC or not. Here are the least system requirements:

  • Processor: Intel’s Dual core CPU with 1.8 GHz clock speed or greater would work fine, although consider better configuration for smoother play.
  • GPU: Internal GPU with at least 512 MB graphics memory would work well. For better graphics consider using Nvidia or Radeon GPU
  • DirectX 11 Installed.
  • 6 GB free installation space.
  • Keyboard Mouse or D-Pad.

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