Download Rail Rush for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

Are you too much addicted to endless runner type games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Jetpack Joyride, etc? Then I am sure you will love Rail Rush as it is one of such kind of game. If you loved the mine area of Temple Run 2, you will probably find this game too much addictive. It was initially seen on Windows phones in featured games, also you might see this game built in by some manufacturers such as Nokia. You can also play this game on your Android device as it is now available in Google Play Store for free.


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Rail Rush is endless runner type game, which features a cart as a runner, although you can also opt for a man called ‘Hero’ mounted on it for controlling. The heroes can be changed. However, you first need to unlock them. The game indulges a mine from where you need to collect coins specifically called nuggets. There are various traps and obstacles that you have to avoid in order to keep the cart moving.


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The main objective in the game is to make a farthest run possible while collecting maximum number of nuggets. Your cart runs on one of the three rail tracks provided in the game, there will be various dead ends and obstacles which can of course be avoided by jumping to other lane, or by crouching. The controls of the game are quite similar to that of temple run. Unlike Temple Run, there are no perpendicular turns, although to jump out to the safe lane you need to swipe the screen to the respective direction. Tilt action is also used to avoid damage by signals at the sideways.


Power-ups make the USP of this game. Some power-ups include Rock Eggs, Diamonds, etc. Also, after a certain distance or time, a special level will be opened that can be accessed by jumping off to that lane. There are a variety of things that you can buy from the shop including RAM which can be wooden, iron or steel; magnet and many others. For upgrading, nuggets will be required which you can collect by playing the game as much as possible. There is also an option of in-app purchase in the game.

Graphics of the game are very sensuous and spectacular and do not give a glitch while playing. However , this might not be the case if you are using low end phones.

How To Download Rail Rush For PC?

Rail Rush is a mobile platform game available for Windows Phone and Android. It is not yet officially released for Windows or any other operating system. But you can still enjoy this amazing on your PC. This can be done using an emulator application to Download Rail Rush For PC.


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There are many android emulators available in the market such as Bluestacks, Youwave and Andy. Bluestacks is recommended to be used as it is most stable android emulator. To play Rail Rush on your PC, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Get BlueStacks on PC.
  2. Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Rail Rush’ using 1Mobile Market available in the Bluestacks.
  3. Download and install Rail Rush on your PC using the link found above.
  4. Open the installed game using the Bluestacks app list.


Do note that in order to download the game you will require a working internet connection on your PC, although in case you have APK file of Rail Rush, simply install the game by opening it with Bluestacks’s APK file handler.

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