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Spaceteam is one such game which is stupidly enjoyable. Yes! You read it right! If you have ever watched any of the episodes of Star Trek, then you are definitely going to love this game. The plot of the game is rather simple as compared to the Star Trek. It is a multiplayer game and will require working internet connection to play online with your friends. Spaceteam was originally developed for iOS, later it was soon developed for Android too.


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So, the plot is … you with three of you mates are trying to bridge a spaceship. During this, there will be various sectors presented before you, consisting a control panel with a number of switches, knobs, buttons, sliders and much more. The control panel need to be worked out to get the job done and complete the level. To control the panel you will be presented readout, which is information on how to control. This read out contains the information on what switches are to be altered so as to complete the objective.


This might at first sound a bit boring and easy at the same time. So here is the catch, you will be playing along with your friends who actually will be your co-partners in the game. There will be distribution of the switches and panels along all of the players; furthermore there will be switches that belong to your friend’s panel. So you need to tell your friends what you know and which switch to activate. This whole thing adds a twist to the game which makes it livelier to play.


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All you need is to read the instructions carefully, search for the appropriate switch, if not found shout to your friend to search the same. The game becomes crazy as hell as you began to shout all over. Although the initial level finishes somehow, there will more of shouting in the further levels or sectors. Graphics of the game might not impress you as the interface is quite simple, which implies that the processing of the game is much faster and you will not have to wait minutes to let the game load itself.

How to Get SpaceTeam for PC?

Spaceteam is a mobile platform game available for iOS and Android too. There have not been any officially developed version of it available for windows or other operating system based PC. In spite of this, you can still enjoy Spaceteam on your pc, using an unofficial method. This method includes use of some emulator applications. Emulators are specifically developed to parse the packages made for some other OS, to run in OS compatible with the Emulator. Talking about iOS, there is not any effective emulator available, while there are some trustworthy emulators available for Android.


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Some Android Emulators available in the market are Bluestacks, Andy and Youwave. Any one of these can be used as they work more or less the same, although there will be some compatibility issues in some emulators. Bluestacks is recommended to be used as such issues are not experienced in Bluestacks. Spaceteam can be installed on your PC using Bluestacks in following steps:

  1. Install Bluestacks on your PC. Download it from here!
  2. Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Spaceteam’ game using 1Mobile market available in the Bluestacks.
  3. Once found, download and install it on your PC using Bluestacks using the install button located just next to app name.
  4. Now, open the installed game using Bluestacks app list.


The whole process can also be used on your Mac based PC too, as Bluestacks is also available for Mac too. You need to be connected to the internet to be able to download the game from 1Mobile Market. However, if you have backup of APK file of the game, you can pretty much install it using the backup. For this, all you need to do is just open the APK file using Bluestacks’s APK file handler. Spaceteam will be automatically installed onto your PC.

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