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Telegram is a messenger application available on all leading Smartphone operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phones, Blackberry, etc. Telegram was developed with the sole purpose of providing its users a more convenient way of socializing with friends and colleagues, although it was totally based on the well established idea of WhatsApp. Telegram initially appeared for iOS and android users in 2013; later in 2014 it was also developed for Windows and Blackberry users. The basic features of the application is quite similar to what you might have already seen in the messengers like Chaton, Hike and WhatsApp; to make it stand among the crowd some important features were attributed to the app.


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Yet Another Messaging App!

Initially when this application was launched in the market, it was predicted that the app is made with enough ingredients to make it stand out of the box and could be a replacement for WhatsApp. As of now, it doesn’t seem to have gained much users interest as compared to WhatsApp. One of the major reasons behind this is the less number of users in the community.

Talking about the features that the app comes packed with; it has all the features from simple messaging a text to sending large videos. You can simply send some text and add some emoticons to express yourself better. It also allows sending images from the same terminal. All this happens in real time and it is an instant messenger and uses data connectivity to send and receive messages. Some years ago messaging was just spending huge bucks to socialize with people, but now with the invention of such apps messaging has became way more interesting, cooler and of course under budget.

Apart from this the newer version of the application will also allow you to see whether the message is delivered or not. You can also check when the receiver has last checked the messages from the application, this is well integrated in the app and you can see it right besides the name of the receiver on the chat screen.

The USP of the application is the file sending ability. Yeah! This application allows its users to not only share messages, images or videos; but also every other file with every possible valid file format, under 1GB files size. This feature is not found in any other messenger application till now and thus forms the basis of some uniqueness. Besides this, the interface was made simpler, quiet similar to WhatsApp with some colour play. The only glitch that you can find in the app is the connectivity issues as you might actually have to open the app after regular intervals to check the messages when operating on low-speed data connectivity.


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How to Get Telegram for MAC?

To get telegram for Mac follow simple steps below:

·         Download and install Bluestack using the link here.

·         Open the installed software and look for search bar.

·         Now, make a quick search for ‘Telegram’.

·         Click on the official link of the app to start downloading.

·         Wait a few minutes to get in installed after it has been downloaded successfully.

·         Now, open the app and start texting!

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