Eternity Warriors For Mac

Eternity warriors is an action packed game that was originally designed for the iOS devices by Glue Mobile but is now easily available for the other leading smartphones. After the huge success of Gun Bros and Star Blitz, Glu introduced in the gaming market a new product which is even more barbaric. While the old ones worked on dual-stick controlling method this one got better with just one controlling stick along with the buttons.


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A small glance on the gameplay

The game is all about action, where you will be playing with all your efforts to win along with being able to use various weapons such as axes and swords to kill as many enemies as it requires only for you to win. Through the course of the game, you can work on your skills and acquire more weapons and armours to win over several enemies which are represented as demonic creatures. Every time you slaughter an enemy and take away its soul, you win points which you can later redeem for freebies for strengthening your respective character. The quest rewards are enough to let you survive in those dungeons but the rarer gems are only allotted to the toppers on the leader board. The thirst to unlock several goodies is sure to keep you hooked on to this game for long.


This loud and the brutal combating game isn’t just about reckless fighting. It actually has a story as well that leads you further to win. The world you’re living in that virtual game is invaded by the monsters and naturally, there`s only one way to save yourself- kill them all. You would be constantly reminded of the reason for your violent behaviour that would indirectly motivate you to kill the ugly looking demons in the shortest span of time.

The game is overall an easy ride but the monsters at the end of certain levels might turn your cakewalk into a tedious struggle. The bosses at the end of each kingdom might make it even more gruesome.

Excitement Doesn’t End At All

The Diablo-styled experience that the game provides is beyond comparison. You get life-like animation and fast paced action when connected to the web. The graphics of the game are even more exciting, only to keep you more and more hooked. With the new and improved version you can now tap what level your friends are at. What`s more? You and your Facebook friends can now fight the crime in the dark dungeons together. All you need to do is to add your friends to your ‘Clan’. You can even use your friend`s character for a while and doing that also adds to your overall score.


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Get It On Your Mac

As mentioned the game is only available for smartphones with android or iOS base. But the PC experience is unparalled to that of handy devices. To take your gaming experience to another level you can now play this game on your Mac. It`s simple and effective. All you need to do is get any application that acts as an emulator. Even though there are many available on the internet, we recommend to you the best of all which is none but the popular Bluestack. It`s easy and hassle-free.

  1. To use Eternity Warriors on your MAC just follow these simple steps:
  2. Download Bluestack on your MAC.
  3. Open the emulator and search for ‘Eternity Warriors’
  4. Download and install it
  5. Search for ‘Eternity Warrior’ and install it using play store.

You`re now only few minutes away from having it on your Mac. Sit back and just enjoy your gaming experience seriously like never before.

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