Facebook Messenger For Mac: Delve Yourself In More Exciting Communication

From those lengthy letters to those exciting chat rooms, conversation and communication has always been an important part of our lives. While keeping this enthusiastic attitude in mind, Google Play Store has pampered us with tons of instant chat messaging applications, which simply make our lives really quite easier and really more convenient. Among this jostle, Messenger is the one that can actually steal the show because of its ease and convenience.

Why Messenger hails itself?


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Facebook Messenger was initially released in 2011 and soon was successful in capturing quite a good deal of audience in no time. So much this app had been and is still popular, that by March 2015, it has approximately received 600 million users. This blue signed app was initially released for the iOS devices, following Android entering the game and then soon the other leading operating systems started becoming compatible for the same.

One main reason due to which Facebook Messenger becomes a big name in the crowd is because of its easy, simple and really light interface. By using this app, you can actually chat with your Facebook friends in just one go. You just need to type text and then send to the respective person. For adding more fun, you can also send some really adorable stickers. The sticker market has a whole range with new as well as existing stickers for Facebook as well as for the app. From those extremely cute Candy Crush Saga stickers to those absolutely adorable Minion madness, you are allowed to bring more life in your respective chatting session, only within a matter of few moments.

Apart from these stickers, Messenger also lets you to click and send photos and not to forget, videos. Just click pics or shoot videos and then you can easily send them directly in just one go. The chat heads allow you to keep your respective chatting session active all the while, while being active using the other apps in your respective mobile device. You can also bring in all or most of your respective friends or relatives in one active conversation only by creating groups.

In case you are all tired with typing and texting, you are all welcome to move ahead with calls. Yes, Facebook Messenger actually lets you to make as well as receive calls and talk as much as you want, even with people who are located in different countries!

Along with features, one of the best and really an advantageous fact that entails Facebook Messenger is that you can do all these things and really quite a lot more without even paying a penny. Yes, all you need to have is a smooth Wi Fi or mobile data plan and then you are all free to chat and converse without any interruption.

Going Blue on Mac


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This superbly cool app has been a rage in most of the smartphones; but luckily now this app can also be used over your MacBook. All you need to get accompanied with Bluestacks. Get your Bluestacks from here. After getting this emulator, just look for Facebook Messenger. After your search is complete, just go ahead to download as well as to install for the same.

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