Feel The Thrill With Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Everyone is excited about the movie San Andreas featuring Dwayne Johnson who would be playing the role of Carl Johnson, from the famous game series Grand Theft Auto. The latest installment of this series is called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Belonging to the genre of action and adventure this game was released on October 26,2004 for multiple platforms.

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Brace Yourselves For The Exciting GTA San Andreas

Developed by Rockstar North , San Andreas is basically an exciting open world game in the hypothetical city of USA called San Andreas. The state of San Andreas is again divided into three small cities called Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Ventures. There is a story based on which this game works. The key player named Carl Johnson is said to have discovered that his mother has been murdered and he thus sets out to find the murderers.

The player, on this process can make Carl do all the work like normal human beings, for example walking, swimming, jumping, eating and driving. It is on the player’s decisions to make him do whatever he/she wants to. Since it is an action laden game, use of guns have been included that adds more thrill to the game.

The game does not follow any rule according to which the player has to advance. It can go about the cities in whatever way the player sets. The player can make the character do anything, available in the game but all the while must keep in mind that violent actions can attract SWAT and FBI teams. While there is freedom to move around the city, there are also such locations that the players can only unlock after completing a few missions

Carl’s appearance, his capability and energy level can be given a boost up making him eat well, exercise well and also follow a few side missions which include helping the injured, making deliveries and driving trucks and trains.

To add on more actions the player can take Carl to swimming though there are chances of drowning if the player cannot control the game well. A map system is also available that helps in finding out destinations more easily.

Guys would love to hear that there are several rival gangs who act as opponent to Carl Johnson. The clash is completely action laden with firing on both sides. Gangs have different names like Ballos, Los Santos, Vegas and Da Nang Boys. Carl belongs to the gang called Grove Street Families.

There has been many games in the series Grand Theft Auto but there are things that sets this installment different from others. Unlike previous games screen loading takes no time in San Andreas. There was a problem in other games when the player tried to change districts.

Enjoying the Grandeur on Mac

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The game is available for several platforms and it can also be played in MAC using Bluestacks. It can be downloaded using an offline downloader. After that you just have to type the name of the game and download as well as install it. Simple, easy and fast.

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