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AutoCAD as per the name suggests is a tool used for computer aided designing. CAD has been existence as long the starting of modern era in engineering. Initially this program was available as Interact Cad in 1970’s. Over the years it has faced severe advancements which have changed the way engineers and civil designers work. Previously, engineers needed to manually plot out everything using hand measurements and tedious unit which was very hard to do at a higher level. AutoCAD has been designed, keeping in view all the problems that designers face when plotting in real time. Moreover it contains several important tools that give approximations close to reality. AutoCAD 2010 is the 24th instalment of the application out of total 29 editions, AutoCAD 2015 being the latest in the hierarchy.


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AutoCAD 2010 included several new tools as compared to its last version AutoCAD 2008. The main inclusion was the drawings tools called parametric tools, these tools can be used to draw certain objects which will auto adjust themselves according to the surrounding environment. In this version of the AutoCAD, new file format called ‘DWG 2010’ is also introduces which can now contain much more elements than in previous formats. Block editor tools has been enhanced for better experience and to work in conjunction with parametric tools. These tools have been made so in order to maintain a geometrical relationship between the objects.

3D now gets better, previously 2D editing was superfluous and 3D modelling didn’t worked too well. Now the algorithm has been changed making all the lags and glitches disappearing. The shapes like cylinder, cones, rectangles, etc can now be made more robustly and with smooth edges and surface. Also, in case you are not satisfied with the result of the shape you have created, there is also an option to customize the every aspect of the shape including shape, edges and smoothness.


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The main feature of the application remains to the command mode where you can command shape of anything. This can be considered as the programmer’s way of making a design, similar to what web designer do; although, both are quite opposite too. Programming is quite simple as it is quite similar to OOPS concept and build on c and cpp concepts. There are several function defined in-built in the application responsible for specific jobs. The latest version of the app includes more advanced command editor that can predict the functions when their names are triggered and also can make certain corrections to the already scripted data.

System Requirements:

  1. Operating System: Windows XP x64 edition or greater is required for installation.
  2. Processor: Intel’s Pentium 4 processor with at least 2.2 GHz clock speed is required. For 3D modelling to work properly consider using s Dual Core CPU with at least 3.0 GHz clock speed.
  3. RAM: 1 GB is minimum requirement with 2 GB for proper functioning.
  4. At least 128 MB graphics memory is required; in case of using 3D modelling consider using a graphic card such as Nvidia or Radeon.
  5. At least 1024×768 video resolutions.

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