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AutoCAD is an application for Computer Aided Drafting or designing. This is the software behind your beautiful house or the mechanical devices that you are using in your day to day life. AutoCAD was initially launched more than three decades before i.e. in 1982, with its initial release the application was worth its appreciation. AS of now the latest addition in the AutoCAD series is AutoCAD 2015 which has been in buzz since a long time and the rumoured features that the application would exhibit. Many new authoritative implementations are made in this version of the AutoCAD, whether talking about the interface or the new tools.


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Getting Started!

In previous versions when the application was opened, you were greeted by a welcome message. In AutoCAD 2015 this has been replaced by a ‘New Tab’; this is quite similar to ‘Net Beans’. In this new tab you will be briefed about the contents of the application, what it contains and where to start from. This tab can remain open with your work; however, can also be closed as per your requirements. New Tab essentially consists of two frames namely; Learn and Create. Learn section contains all the help articles and the information on how to use the application to create specific designs.

All New Interfaces:

A new interface have been deployed to use which essentially uses black colour as base colour along with its shade alongside the main content area. This black interface has been specifically made, Keeping in mind, to reduce the strain on eyes. In case you do not have a relation with the developers thought, you can change the whole theme colour. It is not only the theme colour that has been changed, but also the tool presets and the manner in which they are arranged.

Improvised Graphics and Scaling:

Viewports have been added to the design which helps users in scaling certain content in accordance to their relative dimensions. This is particularly a useful tool when huge designs are to be configured again to fit to some corrected dimensions. Besides this there are some improvements in the text visibility options. Previously, when some annotations were added to the design it wasn’t possible to make further modifications to the text added, however, in AutoCAD 2015 you can now modify the settings so as to make it look distinct and eye catching.

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A new geographical tool has been added to the application, but would require you to be signed in to Autodesk 360 account. Moreover, this function can be used as an online resource only when you are connected to the Internet.

System Requirements:

Do make sure to have the following hardware configuration in your PC before getting to download AutoCAD 2015 for your PC:

  • Windows 7/8/8.1 is supported.
  • Intel’s Pentium 4 is the least requirement, although consider using dual core for good operation.
  • 2GB is recommended to use.
  • 6 GB drive space will be required for installation.
  • Display with at least 1024×768 resolutions is required.
  • Any GPU would word with at least 128 MB graphics memory.
  • DirectX 11 requires to be installed.

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