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Star TV network has been always one of the leading heads for most of the channels. From Star World, where people just love to listen to “Bazinga” to the Indian regional channels like Star Jalsa, the company has catered to the multiple tastes of billions of people. To make sure that you don’t have to compromise watching your favourite shows, especially when the tiring daily soaps just don’t want to end, Star has finally released one of the best products in the form of an Android application called Hotstar.


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What is Hot with Hotstar?

Hotstar has been seriously one of the best things to have happened for all those viewers who just love to watch their respective serials or shows having complete freedom and convenience. While streaming tons of Star channels, you can now easily enjoy yourself in your spare time, that too without needing to pay even a shilling. Yes! Hotstar lets you enjoy your favourite shows anytime and really anywhere, over Wi Fi or even on 2G. Not just this, the app doesn’t even require you to either sign up or to register yourself for using it. Now, you can enjoy any serial or programme anywhere. From genres including mythology to comedy, the world of entertainment can be finally now in the vicinity of your palm.

No, don’t just think that this app is only for those who love watching those daily soaps. In fact, for all the sports lovers, Hotstar lets you enjoy even live cricket streaming. Now that’s seriously important for many men. Also this app just doesn’t restrict itself to only one or two languages. You can now watch any Star presented programme of any language like Bengali or Malayalam. From the latest episodes to even ones that have been already broadcasted, you can now easily stream in and watch what you just missed out. You can even watch the latest movies thereby saving quite a lot of money that you might have spent in the theatres.

Had the app included only these, Hotstar might not have been one of the favourites. But the fact that it also includes those epic shows that were showcased earlier, makes this entertaining app an exclusive one. Yes, now you can catch up those classy jokes of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai or catch up Ross and Rachel joking around in the most beloved series of Friends.

Along with these, you can even enjoy your favourite shows while you are offline. How? Simply by downloading them from the Hotstar app. You can also save the required content in your respective playlist, rate or review and do seriously a lot more.


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Enjoy HotStar on Mac:

When excitement is going all leaps only with this one app, missing this one app on your respective Mac can be seriously regretful. Thus, you can now seamlessly enjoy movies only by downloading along with installing Bluestacks. Once this emulator has been incorporated, just seek for the Hotstar app; after getting which proceed to download along with installing the same. When done, you are now completely free to enjoy all your shows, programmes or movies any time.

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