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Modern Combat 5 is shooting game, coming up straight from Gameloft. Like every other developer, Gameloft has also sorted out to use in-app purchases in their upcoming game. Modern Combat 5 is one of them. Though you might have been playing the previous free games, the next update will make this feature available to all those ones. Talking about MC5, it is a shooting game with a nice graphics and a compelling Gameplay. Although it doesn’t seems to have anything extra as from the other shooting games, however, the game is more focused on blowing up things, shooting people and so on, while there is less attention given to its storyline.


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How to Play Modern Combat 5 on PC?

Modern Combat 5 is a mobile platform game. It is available for Android and some other mobile operating systems such as Windows Phones and others. This game is not officially made available for windows based PC or any other operating systems that operates on your pc. However, if you still wish to play it on your pc it can done. We can make use of an emulator application. Such are the applications that can allow installation of packages parsed for an OS to some other incompatible OS.


Talking about Emulators for Windows Phone and iOS, there are no such applications developed yet. However, for Android there are some applications available for the purpose. Some of them are Bluestacks and Andy. Both of them work the same although with some variations in their interfaces.

We will be using Bluestacks, as it is the most recommended Android emulator. Using Bluestacks is quite simple, as everything comes integrated with and you don’t need to get into the coding stuff. So, follow some certain steps to get Modern Combat 5 on PC:

  1. For getting MC5 on PC, you need Bluestacks. You can download it by clicking here!
  2. Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Modern Combat 5’ using the market app available in the Bluestacks.
  3. Download and install the game using the above found link.
  4. Open the installed game using Bluestacks app list.

You have now successfully installed the game! Open Modern Combat 5 and start playing this amazing game.

About Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 concludes a story of a terrorist who is a real bad guy, as you will be watching out those long cut scenes during the Gameplay to believe this. The same is your enemy in the game. The Gameplay goes around 6 different scenes or levels; the main objective will always be the same. However, each different level will introduce a certain incremented level of hardness, which might sweep you away.


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The game is quick and you need to be the same, as you will see people shooting at you and you’re dead in few seconds. Though, if you have already played some previous versions of it, this won’t be an issue. The game includes a huge amount of weapons including shot guns, rifles, snipers and many others. Some of these may be resting in the store, waiting for you to buy those. These can also be upgraded using the units you have earned during the game play.


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The on screen controls depends mainly on the scheme that you are using, as there are much of them. The default controls include dragging or movement controls on the left side and right side to aim. Also, there will always be a struggle in aiming and shooting the enemy even when using an auto aim option, and this will indulge you to repeatedly hammer your keys to shoot.

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