Get Set Go With Angry Birds Go!

Android games along with the epic Google Play Store has indeed eased our lives a lot. From providing with tons of apps, this one market has also pampered many of us with tons of games as well. Not only these games have been really exciting but also has paved the way for many to create almost a new level for each genre. Among this lot, Angry Birds Go is that one name that simply don’t deserve a miss from any of the Android user.



Feel the real thrill with Angry Birds Go

Basically Angry Bird Go is about a simple kart racing game that was developed by Rovio Entertainment along with Extent Entertainment. While Jon Gibson directed this awesome game, Nic Cusworth helped designing the same. Getting released in December 11, in the year of 2013, the game only till November 2014 has recorded downloads that counted more than 100 million times. The game was initially released for iOS and Android operating systems, but soon as the game got an awesome response from gamers all around the world, it soon got open for the other leading operating systems including Blackberry and Windows.
One of the best features of Angry Birds Go is the fact that this game lets its respective players choose exactly how they wish to move their respective kart. As for example, if you want to tilt, you need to tilt your respective Android device or if you want to touch, they must then either have to tap right or the left of the screen. To start this super thrilling exciting race, you must first have to pull your respective kart back and then release instantly when you see the text GO. Now, in case you release it early, the other players shall also appear earlier; but at the same time, it would also make your respective kart spin, thus slowing it down!
While racing, you can also go on collecting coins. You can also get the chance to use the chosen character’s special power, since Angry Birds Go offers many characters. To keep the game sweeter and really cool, the energy units are illustrated in the form of cupcakes. These cupcakes shall be lost every time you finish one game, along with being able to regain themselves with time. To keep the game absolutely simple, Angry Birds Go includes no laps. And in case you are absolutely bored with one character for every game, you are allowed to change them as per your wishes.
Being the eighth part of the entire Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Go also includes the same thrill and excitement, or rather it has incorporated more of them, to let you feel the real thrill of gaming. And for sure the 3D rendered sweetly presented Piggy Island will make you come back playing with the cool birds again and again.

Going with GO on PC


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Angry Birds Go, thankfully now be enjoyed on PCs as well. Get your PC installed with Bluestacks. After this has been done, get in search for the game and soon after the getting the same, just hit to get it downloaded as well as installed.

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