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Shazam is a music recognition app. It is a very useful app, specifically for music lovers. Using this app is very simple, as all you need to do is just hold your phone where the music is being played. The app will then search for the traces of the music on its servers and index most close results. It is available for most of the leading mobile os viz Android, Windows Phone, iOS and blackberry too.


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How to Get Run Shazam For PC?

Shazam is a mobile app developed for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and some other mobile OS too. It is not officially available for windows based PC. However, it can still be enjoyed on your PC. This can be done using an emulator application. For windows phone, iOS and some other mobile os there is not any reliable emulators available. However, there are some emulators available for running android apps on pc.


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There are many android emulators available such as Bluestacks, Andy and Youwave. We will be using Bluestacks as it is most stable and reliable emulator of all the emulators available in the market. For installing shazam For PC, there are some sets of steps, which are to be followed as:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on PC.
  2. Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Shazam’ in the 1Mobile market available in the Bluestacks.
  3. Once found install it on your pc using Bluestacks.
  4. Open shazam from the app list of the Bluestacks and start finding your favorite music.

Bluestacks can also be used to run shazam on Mac, as it is available for Mac too. Use the same steps to get Shazam For Mac too. Also, in case you have a backup of the shazam app, just open the backup apk file using Bluestacks apk file handler.

How to Use Shazam?

Shazam is a music recognition app, which can help you to find your favorite music without even knowing the name of the track. It uses your mobile data connectivity to find music online, although you need to have a fast network connection, particularly a 3G or a WiFi connection to be able to use the services offered by the application.


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It takes a minute to install it. On first run, it will automatically detect the network settings and set its preferences to be worked on your device. Main screen consist of a tagging icon, which you need to touch on to start searching for the music online. Pressing the tagging icon will make the application to record the surrounding voices; you now need to move to the area where music is being played. This recording takes place for 30 seconds after which the app will automatically search and display the track title and artist name.

Great Application, isn’t it?


You will be allowed to listen to a 30 second demo of the song. Full song can also be downloaded using the link provided in the app respective to the song. Usually the song will be downloaded for the Amazon MP3 store in case of an Android device. For iOS devices song will be obtained from the iTunes store.

Furthermore the song can also be shared on the social networking sites as Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, song’s video can be watched on YouTube and song can be streamed on spotify in case you are a premium member. There is lot more of stuff that you can do using shazam, and is the prefect application for music freaks or even for those who always find themselves helpless in finding the correct name of the music they listed playing at bar or some other place.

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