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These days photo editing apps have gained colossal significance in each kind of app market. From being able to beautify any pic to share them to social media platforms, these apps have just been the perfect mate to all the smartphone users. Knowing the latest craze shared by most of the people with respect to clicking pics, we all have encountered tons of photo editing apps, but often fail to know the best. Thus Instagram is here which is not just best, but in fact is better than the whole rest.


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The Rise of “Insta”!

Instagram first saw its entry in the global market in the year 2010. Having some semblance with the Kodak Instamatic along with the much Polaroid images, Instagram lets you gain a square shape for each respective pic of yours. Having about 25 languages, Kevin Systrom as well as Mike Krieger made sure that you can gain none but the best photo editing experience from this app. Quite soon post the official release of Instagram, most smartphones got accompanied with the app and soon this app was one of the most adorable online stuff to have happened.

Now it’s not that Instagram lets you edit those pics that you have already saved back on your device. You can even click a live pic and get it edited as per your convenience. It also doesn’t quite matter if the pics are clicked on low light. Instagram lets you brighten it along with adding some enhanced effects via its awesome collection of filters. Some of these really important and really beautiful filters include the following:

●     1977- This gets you back the classic look of the 70s as this goes to apply some red tint along with making your pic look a bit faded.

●     Amaro- This lets you to add some beautiful light on the respective image along with focussing on its centre.

●     Brannan- This helps you to increase the pic’s contrast levels, exposure along with adding a stylish metallic tint.

●     Earlybird- This would let you to give your pics an older look by adding sepia.

●     Hudson-Want some icy kind of illusion? Then this would be just the perfect one as it goes to heighten the shadows, cool the respective tint along with applying dodged center.

●     Nashville- Nashville just warms the pic’s temperature and helps in lowering the contrast. It also gives a slight “pink” tint along with making the entire pic look nostalgic.

●    Valencia- This one basically fades your respective pics with the help of increased exposure and the warmth of colours, thereby giving the pic an antique kind of feel.

The list of filters just doesn’t end here. You also have Kelvin, Lo Fi, Sutro, Toaster along with many more.

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Going Insta on your Mac:

Now getting this leading name on your Mac has become easier with Bluestacks. Get this Bluestack Android emulator and search for Instagram. When you just got it, hit on to download as well as to install the same. Once done, Voila! You can now tweak your images from your Macs to make it even more enticing!

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