IMO for Mac: Conversing Is Easier!

Gone were those days when you were needed to write lengthy emails or to wait till any person, who lives quite far away, to return for having those direct face-to-face conversations. All thanks to the Android OS and its respective stock of applications that have resolved this issue as well with dexterity. Among the instant chatting applications, especially the ones that provide video chatting option, IMO takes the pride to hold a special rank.

IMO for mac

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Why IMO Makes things Easier?

IMO has made chatting or rather to carry on those missed conversations quite a lot easier. It has also made messaging easier and most importantly absolutely free of cost. The whole interface that IMO provides is dead easy. This means you don’t need to have expertise in the field of instant chat messaging platforms just to use IMO. You just need to download as well as install it on your respective Android mobile device and then you can smoothly understand what it is all about. Along with that, it also supports some big names like Google Talk, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Facebook Chat. Once everything has been synced IMO is all good for you, after which you can easily connect with your friends anytime and seriously anywhere.

IMO apart from allowing you converse with the help of messages, also lets you have a good talk via free calls. Yes, IMO lets you call without even letting you pay a single shilling for it. Being an IMO user, you can make as well as receive calls from other IMO users, using WI FI. Alternatively you can do the same via a smooth 4G or 3G network.

You can definitely chat with your family as well as friends on one-to-one basis. But in case you need to have multiple conversations with multiple people at the same, IMO also lets you do the same by letting you to form groups. Once groups are formed, you can easily share all those funny jokes with all your friends under just one place.

With respect to messaging, IMO actually deserves a good position in the market. This is because IMO send as well as receives messages faster than the other similar applications. Likewise the call feature is also quite decent and really smooth. You don’t have to keep on repeating things just to understand that one word. To make things all the better, you can also have video conversations with the help of IMO’s video calls. And like the messaging and the voice call option, video calls in IMO too are really good and smooth. For giving out more expressions, you can choose to send stickers from a huge collection. Or you can also send any pic or video to the user at the other end.

Enjoying the awesome IMO on Mac

IMo for Mac 2

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Now getting IMO on your Macbook is actually possible via getting hold of Bluestacks. So, download Bluestack for mac.Now, this emulator needs to be installed, when it has been installed, check in to look for IMO and when you just got it, download it. After this, the installation procedure would commence, that would be completed depending on your respective Internet connection. So get IMO on Mac and enjoy conversations like seriously never before.

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