Microsoft Office 2014 for Windows

Microsoft Office suite is all one application for various professional documentation works. Whether it’s about a word processor, a spreadsheet creator or a presentation maker; Microsoft office has it all. The software was started in around 1988 with its initial release as just ‘Microsoft Office’, has now became quite large. This could be understood by just its number of releases. The latest in the addition is ‘Microsoft Office 2014’, which is popularly known as Office 14. Microsoft office 2014 is stunningly engineered, in every aspect which you can consider; whether in terms of features or user interface, this will be pleasing you in every manner possible.


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Products under Microsoft Office 2014:

A standard Microsoft Office 2014 package consist of all best office applications from Microsoft including following:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft InfoPath
  • Other Tools: Microsoft Office picture viewer, Clipart manager, Diagnostics, etc.

Best Word Processor:

Microsoft word is the first and the foremost choice by every user for editing and creating text files. Initially, with the launch of text formats not much advanced commands were available in the text editors. This was latterly revolutionized by Microsoft with the launch of Microsoft Word, which is an integral part of the office suite. Talking about its features in Microsoft Office 2014, it has quite new additions to its last edition office 2013. The basic features although remains the same including spell check, email as PDF, save in almost all existing word file formats, etc. One important feature that has been added to the product is ‘translation tool’. This translation tool works superb as you might have used Google translation feature. To use this features you will need to select the phrase or a word to be translated, then select the language and there you go; phrase will be translated. It is worth mentioning that to have better access to this feature, install all the language packs.

Excellent Presentation Creator:

When it comes to making a presentation, none of the products comes to mind except ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’. Whether it is a business presentation, a seminar or just a school presentation; Microsoft PowerPoint does it all. PowerPoint is included in the Microsoft Office 2014 suite, and it has all the basic features inherited from its predecessors along with addition of some new features. Some important features of PowerPoint include importing images, audio and now video files too quite easily. In previous versions to add some sort of media files you first need to include it in the clip gallery, however, in Microsoft 2014, you can simple drag and drop the content.


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Minimum Requirement to Run Microsoft office 2014 on PC:

Microsoft Office 2014 is available to different OS whether Windows or MAC, to run it makes sure to have following hardware configurations:

  1. Operating System: Windows any version, although use Vista or later for better performance. MAC OS is also supported.
  2. CPU: Intel’s Pentium processors would work fine. If using for some intense work, make sure to have at least Dual Core CPU
  3. RAM: 512 MB for 32 Bit and 1 GB for 64 bit OS.
  4. GPU: Internal GPU with even 256 MB RAM would work fine.
  5. DirectX 9 and compatible peripherals.

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