Most Awaited Sequel – The Room Two For Mac

With time all of us get bored, playing the same kind of games over and over again. Even a brilliant game can lose its charm after a few days. But if you`re looking for a game that will keep you entertained for long and will constantly provide you with interesting add-ons then ‘The Room Two’ is what you should go for. The Room Two is an amazing puzzle game by Fireproof Studios which is sure to keep you hooked on to itself for days and months.

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All About ‘The Room Two’:

Very much like its predecessor, the main task of the game revolves around searching for boxes and appropriate set of keys. The avatar that you`d create at the start of the game is going to be your character, via which you`d be able to find hidden boxes, unveil the mystery, solve the puzzle and win the game.

In this sequel, you`d be impressed by the bigger and better features. Even though the basic storyline remains the same, this one has a lot to offer. The grandness of Room Two can be easily spotted the way the game has been set up. The normal playing arena has been turned into a huge spectrum of ground with different themes up for choice. You can easily handpick your favourite worlds and can start your quest for glory. With a huge variety of rooms to pick from, you are sure to never give up on this game. Everyday is a new room and a new challenge that you take up.

Another notable factor in this sequel is that, it has removed the guide feature. Now, you`d no longer be supported by some tips and insights, thus offering you a real challenging experience. This time you`re on your own.

Why You Should Pick ‘The Room Two’?

There are several games up for download but nothing can match the level of this one. It`s not a typical puzzle game but this one will hurt your head and will force you to think out of the box to be able to win. It will works on creativity and an eye for detail.

Another reason why this is the ultimate puzzle game, is because of the haunting aura that it provides. Thanks to the amazing graphics, you can actually experience the 20th century vibe that will surely spook you out. The eerie atmosphere and creepy background sounds are definitely going to give you chills. If you think you have the talent to solve mysteries then this is your thing. Go ahead, prove your spirit.

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How To Get This Game On Mac Based System?

In order to download ‘The Room Two’ on your mac, you need to start with downloading Bluestacks, which is a perfectly suited Android emulator for all devices. Once you have successfully downloaded it, you can search for the game and download it, using the already provided search bar and play store inside the emulator. Wait till it gets installed on your mac, and once it does, you are all set for making the most of the game.

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