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The gaming market is blooming with more and more shooting games getting launched everyday. There is such an abundance of shooting games that it is becoming hard to pick out the best amongst all. The major issue that we all face while playing shooting games is that the quality of graphics gets reduced and is left almost half of what we have on computers, when compared to mobile games.

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To change the popular notion and to crave it`s own niche, N.O.V.A. 3 has entered the market space.

What Exactly Is ‘N.O.V.A 3’?

N.O.V.A. stands for Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance. As the name suggest, this is an action packed arcade game which was developed by Gameloft. NOVA 3 was and is still a mobile gaming application that works well on Android as well as iOS based devices.

It can definitely be classified as the most impressive and immersive sci-fi game where the fighting for survival is necessary. For the humans to survive and live prosperously, death of the enemies is mandatory. The user is lead to a wide range of intense gameplay where at each level a contest between the humans and aliens ends brutally.

What Are The Highlights Of The Game?

  1. Storyline

Undoubtedly, the best feature of this game is the storyline. The knowledge of the backdrop acts a motivating tool throughout the game.After the assassination of the nation`s president, all the powers have been taken over by the aliens. This had prevented the wars between humans and aliens for over ten years. But now, Kal Wardin, our hero is all set to fight for the rights of humans.

  1. Graphics

A major flaw that can be spotted in most of the mobile games is the lack of proper graphics. But this one, right here, is going to change the rules. NOVA 3 is one of the very few games which have explored the depths of effective gameplay and amazing graphics. 

  1. Multiple Weapons

This latest sequel of NOVA has the best of weapons on display. With several added features to the game, the wars have become even more gruesome and fighting for glory has become the driving force. The user can run and climb to several towers. You can even drive vehicles of different types while chasing your enemies and you can also plot bombs to weaken the enemy troop.

How to Download this Game on Mac Book?

NOVA (1)

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It is easy to get NOVA 3 on your MAC if you already have an Android emulator on your system. Android emulators like Bluestacks and Andy, do the task of bridging the gap between both the different software. In case you do not have an emulator, it is advisable to download Bluestacks as it is the safest of all.

Having downloaded an emulator, you can now simply search in the search panel of Bluestacks for your gaming application. Once you find your desired application, you can click on to download and then wait for a couple of minutes more while it installs itself on your MAC.

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