Pixel Dungeon for Mac

Pixel Dungeon as per the name suggest is a game developed to be played on mobile devices. The game was developed by ‘Watabou’ and published under the same name. It is a game that might bring you back to the old times with it was all about pixel art graphics and simple gameplay. You can play this game on a number of platforms including Android. It runs smoothly on all versions of Android starting from gingerbread V2.3. Pixel Dungeon is a Roguelike game with pixel-art graphics, you might consider it too ugly, but the game is quite good with its gameplay.


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Gameplay is based on Roguelike games. In such type of games stages are generated randomly on the basis of various parameters whose quantity and the position keeps changing on the basis of levels. The main objective of the game is to keep completing the levels by killing all the enemies that comes up in each level. The game is quite appealing, although it is not one of those games that will keep you engaged for hours, still you can have this piece of small game to give a break to your mind from all those high graphics games like subway surfers and temple run.

Pixel Dungeon portrays a time of dragons and kings, thus the game is set off in old times. There is not much time spent by the developers to make the game look graphically rich as it offers pixel art graphics used years ago. Pixel Dungeon mainly features three characters to play with namely Warrior, Mage and Rogue. These can be considered more of a difficulty levels, not fully though. Playing as a warrior is playing safe as it has the maximum strength, a better ammo (sword) and other feature. Mage offers a magic wand, a magic power. Rogue is the best character to play with as it has a missile weapon and can last longer than the other two characters when not had food for longer time.

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It has been smartly divided into floors, and there are 15 floors in the whole game. You start on the 15th floor. These floors can be considered as the levels of the game, each floor will introduce a new enemy and a new power. First few floors contains on rats and basic enemies which are easy to knock out, additionally they contains some hidden powers and upgrades so try finding them as they will be used in the higher levels. Initially you will be given a basic weapon, one shirt and a unit of ration. There are various items that can be found within the levels including clothes, potions, weapons and some other extra items. Life is represented in terms of HP, you will a lose some units of your HP when attacked by an enemy. To recover from lost HP you can have food, which is present in form or ‘Ration’ items. In case you fails to recover you character will die and the level will restart.

How to Play on Mac?

To play Pixel Dungeon on your mac device, follow steps as illustrated below:

  • Download Bluestack using this link and install the same.
  • Open the emulator (Bluestack) and search for ‘Pixel Dungeon’ using the same.
  • Now, click on the official link of the game from the search results.
  • Game will start to download by itself, so wait till it gets downloaded and installs itself.
  • Once done, Open it from all apps in Bluestack.

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