Plant Vs Zombies 2 for Mac

Plant Vs Zombies 2 is a smartphone game developed to be played on multiple mobile operating system, and it is one of the most finest and innovative game for mobiles. It was developed Pop cap games in 2013 and published by Electronic Arts INC. This is the second instalment of the game; the previous version of plant vs zombies was released in 2010 for iOS and Android devices. This version can be played on the same mobile operating systems. It is a tower defence game type, where you will be required to save your territory from a zombie attack.


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Zombies are attacking yet again and you need to be defensive to be alive. Plant Vs Zombies 2: “It’s all about time” is a sequel to its previous version, and this time the game is set off in the ancient Egypt. A little story is also added to this part, which is quite good as no stories were involved in the previous version of the game. Your neighbour is all set to have the taco again, which was the only thing that made the zombies evolve in the previous version. Out of his craziness, he travels into time to have that taco again, although it is not so easy now. Somehow he arrives to ancient Egypt; the zombies are now all after him and tends to make a world with zombies dominating it more. You now need to save the world and kill the zombies and their master. The story is quite interesting, however, it will not affect much as playing it remains the same.

Plants are your weapon and the zombies are the enemies. Similar gameplay is introduced in this version too with the only variation in the music and the environment which is set to ancient Egypt. It features the same lawn where you will need to plant the plants. This lawn is divided into 5 tiled paths, from where the zombies can enter your house. You will need to plant here to avoid them getting too close. There have been additions in the plants types while the previous plants have been retained.

What The Game Is All About?

In Plant Vs Zombies 2, the main aim will be to kill all the zombies that come up in the levels. You will need to avoid the zombies getting near your house. To this there are various plants that will shoot, explode and even eat the zombies, eventually killing them. The most important thing about the game is the suns. These are generated automatically in the daylight although at night Sunflower plant is the only source of suns. Also, to make the suns generate fast you will need to plant them more in quantity. The suns so generated will further be used to buy plants.


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How to Play on MAC?

To play plant vs zombies on MAC, just follow as described below:

  1. Download Android emulator called Bluestack.
  2. Install it on your MAC.
  3. Open the installed emulator.
  4. Make a search for ‘plant vs zombies 2’ using the searching option in Bluestacks.
  5. Click on the link of plant vs zombies 2 to start downloading it.
  6. Wait till it completes downloading and installing.

You have now successfully installed this game on your MAC, so now start playing this amazing game on your MAC.

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