SmackDown VS Raw – WWE Game For Windows

SmackDown VS Ram – WWE Game is a wrestling game based on a famous wrestling entertainer programme WWE. The game is totally based on the characters depicted in the show and is an official game of the starrers. It is more of a virtual simulator where you will fight as your favourite character, which are quiet huge in quantity to choose from. SmackDown VS Raw is a sequel to the game WWE: Here comes the pain! Which turned out to be a huge success when initially launched for the Playstation 2 console. SmackDown vs raw was developed by Yuke’s and published under THQ games. The game was launched in 2004 only for one gaming console that is Playstation 2.


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Game Modes and Improvements:

On a mere basis we may categorize the mode into two as free play and the career mode. Career mode is quite interesting to play as it will be more like that of an adventure. Career mode starts will a cool storyline which depicts the current situation the player faces. You will be briefed about this story at the very starting of the game by a small video and some flash backs. This will certainly help you to figure out who are your friends and who are the enemies. The game is quite awesomely interconnected as you might never know whom you will need to face on the very next take down.

Career mode is all about winning fights taking down the enemies and eventually winning the point. These points are the credit or the in-game money which you can use to buy certain new props, clothes for your character. Game also features elements like strength, speed tactics, etc of the character, playing career mode with a player will increase his strength and other related parameters irrespective of the strength the player posses in real world.

Secondly, there is a free play mode. Basically, this is the multiplayer mode where you can allow other players to join the game. This multiplayer is not LAN play or an IP play, rather it uses the console. Multiplayer mode allows almost 6 players to play simultaneously, more interesting is that they do not have a separate snap in view rather only one screen is present and all players are shown. This makes the game amazingly cool as there is no other game that would allow so many players to play at once.


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The game shows spectacular improvements over its previous version, especially when talking about the graphics. Graphics may not be crystal clear but yes they are far more superior that what you might have seen in SmackDown: Here comes the pain. As the game is developed only for PS2, these high graphics makes the game a bit slower than the actual gameplay which might create a bit problem while playing.

System Requirements:

  • CPU: At least Dual core CPU clocked at 2.2 GHz or similar AMD configuration.
  • RAM: 1 GB is least requirement.
  • Windows XP or later versions are supported.
  • GPU: Any GPU with pixel shader version 3.0 is supported and graphics memory 512 MB is recommended.
  • DirectX 9.0c needs to preinstall.

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