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Snapchat is a social networking app, which allows you to send videos and photos that are self-destructed in just a few seconds. Snapchat allows you to share your content for a finite interval of time, and can be viewed for that particular interval before getting self-destructed automatically. Many consider second’s lifespan is useless, but Snapchat is still successful. Snapchat is popular among young adults and teenagers, because of feature of sending out private videos and secret photos without leaving any sign of ever doing so. Snapchat had put its best effort in doing so, but there are some ways for saving files, such as by using an app or taking a snapshot of it.


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Getting Started:

After successfully downloading and installing Snapchat on your device, you will need to create an account using your email id and phone number. After you are done with creating account, Snapchat will analyse your phone book for contacts which are already using Snapchat application. One of the amazing thing about Snapchat which is attracting masses all around the world is that, you can send a snap to anyone among your friends or even to strangers. Although, it do have a privacy option which allows you to lock privacy.

Navigating the App

When Snapchat was developed it had a simple user interface, but after the update it became a bit complicated for users. Now when you will open the app it will open camera screen, where you can take photos and videos either from your front camera or rear camera. At the bottom of camera screen, there will be two icons, three horizontal lines on right and square on a left. On tapping three horizontal line, you can see your friend list, where you can delete or add friends. On tapping Simple Square in left, you can see activity feed with a list of contacts with whom you have received snaps and list of contacts whom you have sent photos or videos.

For sending snaps to anyone you have to tap on a contact name and at the same time you will be swapping name on left that will open activity feed between you and that person. In the new version, you can also text message person in your activity page. This message will vanish once your conversation is over or you closed the app. The activity page also features history of snaps you had sent to someone or received from them. When your friends send you snap you will be receiving it on your front-page and you can respond it by tapping yellow circle icon at the bottom of screen


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How to Use Snapchat on Mac?

Snapchat is a famous messaging application developed by three Stanford University students, Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown for Android and iOS smartphones. But you can also enjoy Snapchat on your MAC by simply following this steps:

1.            Download and Install Bluestacks, one of the best Android emulator on your MAC.

2.            Now open Bluestacks and search for Snapchat in it.

3.            Download and Install Snapchat on your MAC

4.            You are ready to enjoy Snapchat on your MAC.

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