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File transfer, today is a task that we do very frequently on our smartphones and other devices. These may be images, videos files, audio or any other document. While small files can be very easily transferred using Bluetooth, it’s not the case with the big files.
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The Solution for Sharing:

With the help of SuperBeam you can easily share these big files as well. Not only does this app offers a speedy transfer of files between devices but it also promotes an easy file transfer of huge and large files. You don’t need to pair your respective device every time you plan to transfer files, as SuperBeam remembers the paired devices and lets you spare from the tedious task every time. Not just that the app also maintains the hierarchy of folders in the destination device. Unlike Bluetooth, this app uses Wi Fi. Not just that you can also pair your devices by matching and pairing with the QR codes. NFC can also be used for sharing your respective files. Basically with it, you can choose any of the options for sharing big files easily within a few span of moments.

You can also share the files with those devices that don’t use Super Beam interface. How? You can do this via web interface. It’s not that you can share only few kinds or one type of files, Super Beam lets you share many other stuff like images, audio, video and seriously many more. You just need to name it and then sharing is done within few moments. This app lets you send unlimited number of files throughout the day. Unlike the other storage mechanism which creates default location for files transfer, SuperBeam allows you to create and save file of any type. This app also saves your device’s battery and also a considerable amount of time. You can also share the App with up to 100 friends to get exemption for usage at the end of the first year.

Instructions On How To Download And Use SuperBeam On Mac:

SuperBeam is an easy name for the smartphone users. But you can now also use this app on your Mac.


Well that can be done only with the help of Bluestacks, the best and the leading name in the market of Android emulators. For doing so you need to follow some steps:

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  • Download and install Bluestacks by using the official link.
  • Open the installed emulator, Bluestack.
  • Search for ‘Superbeam’.
  • Get the Playstore link and open it.
  • Now click on the download and install and the app will be automatically installed.

All throughout the procedure, just make sure you have a smooth and a fast internet connection. Since based on that the time taken for the installation may vary. After the app gets installed, it’s time for you to start sharing files.

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