Talking Tom Cat 2 for Mac

The most popular cat is back. Through the first version, you were able to make him repeat everything that you say in his own unique voice but now Outfit7, the developers have got the cat back much bigger, better and with extra fun factors!

The features that Tom has are:-

  1. Imitation of Voice:

Say anything you want and Tom will make sure to repeat back only to you, with nothing but the exact same words in his very own funny and extremely hilarious voice, which will leave you in splits!

  1. Your Virtual Toy!

With Tom at your behest you can treat him as your toy. You can stroke him with love or can poke him and see for yourself, as Tom will respond as if it is real.

talkign tom (1)

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  1. Play Games with Tom:

The newest feature that developers have put in this time is that you can challenge Tom in games and can even earn some gold coins in it by winning. No way can be better than this to unwind your worries, when you have a perfect toy/pet to play with!

  1. Customize and Style him:

Now not everyone has the pleasure of customizing their pets! Sounds something unique and that’s what you can do with Tom. Bling him up with new accessories and deck up with some new and really cool clothes and see him don the look sometimes of a Cowboy and sometimes of a Pirate.

  1. A Swanky New Apartment:

Last time around everyone saw Tom in his old ally but with changing times this adorable and chirpy cat too has shifted based in to a cool new apartment!

  1. Irritate the Cat!

You can make Ben the Dog fart or even make him pop a paper bag and get ready for a LOL on Tom’s reaction. Don’t just keep the laughter dose limited to yourself as the application now allows you to record all of these actions and has options by which you can easily get to share them on really some popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and/or even via e-mail.

With so many features available, only with this cute cat, you and various other users are for sure going to love the cat. Needless to say he is back with a bang. The game has constantly gained the first position on Google Play in over 140 countries with the download count that is just crossing a mind-boggling 450 million!! With so many users carrying Tom along with them, it is indeed safe to say that Tom has established himself quite firmly!

Method of Installing and Playing Talking Tom Cat 2 on your Macintosh System:

The developers have put their minds together and finally got the famous cat on the Mac systems! There are multiple emulators for doing such that are available for you which enable you to run these applications on your systems and Bluestacks is one such software.

talkign tom (2)

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Download Bluestack. After you install Bluestacks on your Mac systems the mobile platform interface is presented to you which makes browsing for applications and games very easy. In the exact same way as how you would search for an application on the mobile you can search for Talking Tom Cat 2 and have it directly installed or download the .apk file for it. Once done you can install the application and start having fun with the wittiest cat on the digital platform!

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