Temple Run 2 for Mac

Temple Run 2 is one of the most finest and the most popular games for modern smartphones. Temple Run 2 is a successor to the game Temple Run which was initially developed to be played on iOS devices. It proved to be a great success to its developers, as was gone all viral for the iOS. Following this, it was soon released for Android and other mobile OS too. Temple Run 2 is its successor and more advanced when talking about the graphics and gameplay. It is an endless runner game developed by imangi studious and released for iOS on January 16, 2013 and on January 24, 2013 for Android. The same was available on windows store in December 2013.


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Temple Run 2 is an endless runner type game, which was the first of its kind game. As of now there are tons of such games with diverse controls and graphics, although nothing can beat the popularity of this series of endless runners. No new controls have been introduced in this instalment of the game, neither there is any new storyline is added. As per the storyline, you are all alone in the jungle to find a temple and get the idol present inside it. Somehow you manages to find the temple and get the idol. But, you didn’t knew that a trap was set for the thieves; the protectors of the temple are now after you. You need to run and escape from the monster that are following you. This is the main thing in the game that you need to do, which is to escape.

Some sort of changes have been made in this version of the game as compared to its previous version. In previous edition, three monsters were following you to knock you out. In temple run 2, these have been replaced by a single big monster that will catch you when you hit obstacle more than once. Graphics have been improved in this version of the temple run, which makes it playable for hours.

Talking about the characters in the game, there are many. Initially only one player will be unlocked, and to unlock more player you will need coins. Coins conclude the same part as that in the previous edition of the game. Gems have been introduced in Temple Run 2, these can be used to continue the game when died. Gems works in the same way as Wings in Temple Run. Most of the powers have been carried over from previous game including boost, shield, coin bonus, etc. Playing this game is quite simple as the main objective is to run as far as possible, collecting all coins, gems and other collectables. Adding to these, there are some other objectives as daily, weekly and objectives that levels up and gives extra coins and gems.


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How to play on Mac?

To play temple run 2 on mac, follow simple steps below:

  • Download Bluestack emulator from here and install it.
  • Open Bluestack and make a quick search for ‘Temple Run 2’.
  • Click on the official link of the game and let it download and install itself.
  • After successful completion of all processes, open the game from all apps in Bluestack.

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