Whatsapp for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP)

Whatsapp is the most used mobile instant messenger software for mobile and tablets. Most of the Android, iOS and Windows Phone users use Whatsapp daily on their mobile phones to communicate with their friends and family. It becomes very hard when you need to send big messages to your friends from mobile because it becomes very hard to type long with small mobile screen. So today we are going to show How to Download Whatsapp for PC.


Before coming to our main guide on Downloading Whatsapp for PC let me introduce WhatsApp and its features to you. Probably you are already aware of this great application already but still if you are new to WhatsApp then let me introduce WhatsApp to you. WhatsApp is a smart phone messenger that lets you sent text messages without any cost. You can send Photos, Videos, Sound Recordings and contacts and location too. So basically WhatsApp gives you a lot of functionality without any cost.

Whatsapp for iOS is totally free for lifetime. Though, the Whatsapp for Android also is absolutely free for one year and after one year you have to pay 55 INR (0.99$) per year to continue using WhatsApp. Most users get free upgrade from WhatsApp every year including me also. But if you are not lucky enough then you can continue using Whatsapp at very affordable cost per year.

Features of Whatsapp for Android, iOS and PC

Whatsapp is well-known for its fast and free service. Whatsapp delivers massages your instantly all over the world. Though there are also many alternatives to Whatsapp like Viber, Nimbuzz, Line, Kik Messenger but no one can beat the functions of WhatsApp and the popularity of Whatsapp. There are over 500 M+ users worldwide using Whatsapp.


Whatsapp has very nice interface and unique way to sign up. Actually you do not have to fill those long sign up forms like on other apps. All you need to do is install Whatsapp and verify your phone number and add a profile picture if you need. That’s it! You can start communicating with your friends on your contact list who use WhatsApp. Basically WhatsApp is same for every operating system, no matter what operating system it is running on it always boots fast and runs smooth.

Best thing about WhatsApp is there are no any annoying ads even when it is a free software. You don’t get any annoying popups or distractions while using Whatsapp and that is one of the best things about Whatsapp for PC. There is one con in Whatsapp for PC is that you cannot import your contact list from mobile to PC. You have to add contacts manually in WhatsApp. But you have to do it once only and then enjoy using Whatsapp on PC.

Download Whatsapp for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

We have described How to Download Whatsapp for PC in a very easy and simple manner that is understandable even to a teenager. We have found a very easy and working way to get Whatsapp on PC. Follow the all below steps correctly and start using Whatsapp on your PC or Laptop with Windows Os.

Whatsapp for PC Installation
Whatsapp for PC Installation

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As we are going to Download Whatsapp PC Version using an Android Emulator, you must download an Android Emulator first. We recommend you to use Bluestacks Android Emulator. After you have downloaded it, move on to the below guide and follow each and every step to get Whatsapp for PC.

  1. Download and Install Bluestacks from our guide.
  2. Open Bluestacks and search for “Whatsapp” in the top search bar.
  3. Click on the Install button at the right side.
  4. Wait for Bluestacks to automatically download and install Whatsapp for PC.
  5. Once it is done, go to Bluestacks > My Apps.
  6. Open Whatsapp and verify your phone number.
  7. Start using Whatsapp for PC.

So basically it is very easy to Download and Use Whatsapp on PC. We hope you liked the simple guide to Download Whatsapp for PC.

We hope you found the above article helpful. We have tried our best to help you Download Whatsapp for PC. If you get any issues while following the above guide then feel free to ask us any question in comments. Our engineers will solve it as soon as possible. Share this guide on Whatsapp for PC with your friends also. Stay tuned with us because like Whatsapp for PC, many other guides are going to be published very soon on Apps for PC World.


  1. tarig

    thank you i did so and what’s app is working good,but i can’t write arabic,can you help me please?

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hello Tarig,

      You have to download Arabic Language first in Bluestacks by going to Settings > Text and Input > Languages. Download Arabic Language from there and set it as default language. Now you will be able to type Arabic.

      I hope it helps, if you have any further queries, do comment.

      If you liked the tutorials, then share them with your friends too.

        • Jafar Dhada Post author

          Bluestacks can be installed easily like any other software.

          If you are complete newbie, then follow on screen instruction and click Next multiple times and then Finish. That’s it.

      • ruksar

        my bluestack app is not opening any app it is just loading what shuld do….

        • Jafar Dhada Post author

          Hi Ruksar,

          It may be that your internet connection is slow, that is the reason of error.

          Try getting a high speed internet. That would fix the problem.

      • Munish Kumar

        actually i have an antivirus of bitdefender and bluestack is not able to install its show error while instaling that you installed bitdefender antivirus ……..is there is any other way to install whatsapp on pc…….help me please

        • Jafar Dhada Post author

          Hello Munish Kumar,

          You might try disabling your antivirus for temporary time. Or you can also try another Android Emulator called Intel App up. Let me know if it works or not.

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      May be it is showing up because you don’t have your graphics card drivers installed. Install proper drivers and you will be able to use Whatsapp for PC. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting.

  2. Santhosh

    I tried to install Bluestack couple of times but it did not get instal as it says ‘you need mininum 2 gb physical memory’ whereas i have some 30 gb free space on my c drive. what could be the reason?

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Are you sure the install path you have selected is in Local Disk C only? May be the default path is used for some other drive.

      Try changing the path to the correct drive and it should work. Let us know if you have further questions.

      • praveen

        i also having same problem, all drive having space more than 2 gb….plz help

        • Jafar Dhada Post author

          Hi Praveen and Santosh,

          Actually the 2 GB memory is not for hard disk space, it means 2 GB RAM. You need 2 GB free ram in order to install Bluestacks.

  3. sukhveer singh

    Respected Mr. jafar , i am sukhveer singh and i am also the greatest lover of th all android apps but i am facing hard to run all these android application smoothly run over on my pc so i am requesting you and also your kind honour to guide me step by step that i am abling to use required android devices run on my pc easily please .
    thanks and regards
    sukhveer singh

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      The guide shared above is to use Android Apps for PC, aka Whatsapp for PC only. Let me know if you have any issues or errors in following the tutorial. I’d be happy to help. Thanks.

  4. Yogesh Shinde

    Hi, I have indstalled bluestacks… But while i try to search for whatsapp or any other application, error message saying..
    “Market Not Found”. , appears all the time.

    Kindly need your expertise on this.,

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hi Yogesh,

      If you can’t download Whatsapp from Bluestacks, then download the Whatsapp Messenger APK (Application Package) File and then double click on it. Bluestacks will automatically install it on your PC.

  5. sanjay chouhan

    i install sucessfully but how contacts are added so we chat with friends

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hi Sanjay,

      After you downloaded Whatsapp, go to Settings > Manage Contacts. Then click on the second icon in left side bottom, and then click on Create Contact.

      That’s how you create contact in Bluestacks to chat with your friends.

      Let us know if you have any further questions.

  6. dennis angolio

    it says i require 2gb of physical memory to install therefore the insallation fails…can you please explain this

  7. Joseph

    Being a first time user of whatsapp for PC, the article helped me a lot. Thank you.

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hi Joseph,

      Its a pleasure to hear that our article helped you.

      Do share our guides with your friends.

  8. vikki

    For me too it displays that it needs minimum of 3GB physical memory….and im unable to changw patth…help me

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hi Ayush,

      It is 100% working. If you get any application error, then let us know, we will help you out. Thanks.

  9. M@N

    hi jafar,
    i tried to install bluestack on my pc several times, but when i try to run its require me to update my grpahic driver. after updated the graphic driver it is still ask me to update graphic driver, so what i need to do to make it running on my pc ??
    hope your kind reply,

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      May be the drivers you have upgraded are also outdated, so download latest drivers from your Brand’s official website.

  10. Abhishek Kumar Soni

    Jafar I cannot download whatsapp on my pc, so I need your help

  11. Jaidev P

    After installing Whatsapp on my PC, the messages are not being delivered to my cell phone. How do I reactivate Whatsapp on my cellphone?

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hi Jaidev,

      You can’t use Whatsapp in two places at a same time. Either you can use Whatsapp on PC, or you can use Whatsapp on Mobile device. Using on both at a same time isn’t possible.

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hi Ahmad,

      Can you elaborate what error are you facing? So that I could tell you the proper answer to this?


    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      First you have to download Bluestacks Emulator from http://www.bluestacks.com and then install it. After that you have to search for Whatsapp Messenger and click Install next to it.

      Bluestacks will automatically download and install it.

  12. amuniga

    this is wonderfully okay, thanks man me…..with love from Nigeria

  13. Anchal

    i had downloaded bluestacks,but unabe to find whatsapp in buestacks……plz help

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hi Anchal,

      There are actually three stores from where we can download, just search for Whatsapp Messenger and then click on Install. It will be downloaded and installed automatically.

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      You can follow the guide in the above article to learn How to Download Whatsapp for PC. Here is short summary:

      Download Bluestacks, install it and search for Whatsapp in top search bar, download it and run it. As simple as that.

  14. ruksar

    i had deleted all bluestack file …n wnt to install again but whn m installing it is showing that bluestack is already installed in your machine…wht shuld i do knw….i hve deleted every file….

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hi Ruksar,

      Do use RevoUninstaller in order to remove bluestacks completely, So that you could install it again.

      I hope it would help you.

      • zohair

        it is showing error something like graphic card not found
        what should i do jafar

        • Jafar Dhada Post author

          Hi Zohair, that means that your graphics card drivers are outdated. Download latest graphics card from your product vendor website.


  15. happy

    i have installed whatsapp on my pc but i am facing one problem regarding how could i add my contacts to whats app ?
    please help me.

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hi Happy,

      Go to Settings > Manage Contacts > Click on second icon in left side bottom > Create Contact.

      I hope this helps.

  16. Archana

    Hi. When I search for Whatsapp in Bluestacks, it shows that Market not found, please help me.

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      HI Archana, then you can download Whatsapp APK and then double click on it. It will be installed automatically in Bluestacks. Go to My Apps in Bluestacks, you will be able to find Whatsapp there.

  17. kuldeep

    How can I download whatsapp for PC window 7 , please help me , I am waiting for your reply , thanx

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hi Kuldeep, follow the steps in above tutorial to download Whatsapp for PC Windows 7.

      Still here is a quick summary of it – Download Bluestacks, install it on your PC, search for Whatsapp in Bluestacks, click on Install button. It will be installed automatically and you can use it by going to Bluestacks > My Apps.

      I hope this helps.

  18. amjad

    blue stacks works very slow on my laptop some times its freezes up any one help?

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      Hi Amjad,

      May be because you have low Ram in your system. Please upgrade your RAM and then start Bluestacks.

  19. ravindra

    my installition is complete but we can’t find whats app in it

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      HI Ravindra, then you should download Whatsapp APK File first and then double click on it. Bluestacks will automatically install it!

      Follow rest on screen instructions to get started using Whatsapp for PC!

  20. pawan

    Thanx for telling us this very good way to get Whatsapp on my laptop. Now plz tell me to how to upload my profile pic by laptop without using webcam.

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      HI, yes its possible to use photo taken by Laptop WebCam as your Whatsapp Profile Picture.

      First take the pic with your WebCam and put it at desktop, now go to your profile and click on profile photo, choose existing photo, and choose the photo which you have just taken. !

      I hope it helps!

  21. Thandapani V

    I have installed bluestacks on my pc but its not opening it is loading or a long time, what is the reason?

    • Jafar Dhada Post author

      May be its because of installation process was crashed, try re installing Bluestacks and see if it works. Or else your PC has low configurations then minimum required!

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